Are Pedego Bikes Worth The Money

What are electric bikes? Otherwise, known as “E-bikes” these types of cycles offer power-assisted technology that takes the hard work out of traditional cycling.

It can ease pressure on the knees and makes for a much easier ride, taking off the pressure of riding up steep hills and changing terrain.

Are pedego bikes worth the money

They are also ideal if you need some extra speed to get you places quicker. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint by using an e-bike but still want to whiz around fast this is the perfect solution.

Not only do e-bikes provide an easier ride at a faster pace, but they also save money too, after the initial investment of course. Prices of fuel are rising at an alarming rate, but with an e-bike you can rely on rechargeable batteries to provide the power.

This article focusses on answering: ‘Are Pedego Bikes Worth The Money?’

What Are Pedego bikes?

Before we look at ‘Are Pedego Bikes Worth The Money?’, let’s learn a bit about Pedego bikes!

The Pedego electric bike is the biggest electric bike brand in the USA. Worldwide, there are over 60 branded stores. The brand was started by Don DiCostanzo in 2007.

He was discouraged by the dull design and also the low quality of the bikes that were produced before then, as well as the absence of customer assistance supplied by other companies.

Why Are They Unique?

To understand ‘Are Pedego Bikes Worth The Money’, we are going to discuss some of their features. The Pedego Bikes were created that were more stylish, user-friendly bikes, and offered customers world-class customer care. Today, Pedego concentrates on placing individuals first.

One of the most fundamental parts about the Pedego is that it doesn’t focus on complicated tech, it offers a fun ride to be enjoyed by anyone who loves electric bikes. They are simple to ride, easy to operate and look great.

So, are the Pedego bikes worth investing in? These bikes certainly do provide a solution and the ability to enjoy a bike ride with less effort.

If you are suffering from any mobility limitations, then an electric bike is a perfect choice. However, the electric bike market is now saturated with so many types and specifications. It can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

In the past, the most significant issues were bike quality and insufficient customer service. The bikes were also pretty boring and lacked design. The Pedego designer wanted to address this problem.

Pedego has a selection of different designs that are modern and of high quality.

They generally fall into 4 categories.:

  • City – These bikes are generally smaller than the other models but are fast and designed to whiz around the city. The folding feature is ideal if you need to get on and off public transport.
  • Off-road – A great, sturdy bike ideal for taking through rugged terrain and designed to cope with any condition.
  • Cruiser – An upright e-bike designed for everyday use on bike paths, to the shops, town or to cycle to work.
  • Specialty -These are unique custom-made bikes and offer a tandem and trike style ride.

It’s true to say they aren’t cheap, however, they do have some excellent models that would suit a tighter budget. They offer fantastic customer service, something that has been lacking with other brands thus far. So, what specifically makes the Pedego bike special?


Most of the Pedego models are multi-gear and contain Shimano components. Most have 7 but some higher-end models boast 11 gears. The bikes are ideal for riding different types of terrain, sharing some features of a typical mountain bike

All Pedego bikes also offer effective mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes that supply exceptional stopping performance regardless of weather conditions.

Accessories are plentiful with some models such as chain guards, lights, racks, and kickstands.

Bike Frame

Pedego stands apart from the crowd due to the fact that its bikes include a unique frame design style. Pedego incorporates aluminium structures and also steel forks to attain optimal weight with excellent performance. The bike is comfortable and attractive to look at.

The bikes have large tubes that make them sturdy and stable, as well as durable and some models have a step-through frame as well as folding options depending on your preferences.


When it comes to electric components, Pedego provides a wide variety of options. The majority of their offerings are class 2 e-bikes, meaning they supply both pedal-throttle and pedal assistance. The optimum assisted rate is 20 mph (ca. 32 km/h).

Pedego e-bikes are generally equipped with 500W rear center or mid-drive electric motors. 35-45Nm is the usual output, the exception being the Conveyor model that can develop 90Nm of torque.

Battery life depends on the model you choose. They usually offer 46v or 48v with 10 or 15 AMP hours. Some models offer a choice of battery. Miles usually achieved range between 25-80 miles, depending on battery type. In addition, the bikes offer an LCD backlit display that easily allows you to control the bike. They come as colored or monochrome and have a USB port.

A Good Choice?

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for! Are Pedego Bikes Worth The Money?

There are lots of reasons that make the Pedego electric bike range a fantastic investment. As already mentioned, they provide an excellent customer service experience along with a supplier network.

Although on the higher price side, they are worth the money due to exceptional components and high quality.

They offer Easy-to-ride low-step frameworks with upright geometry, making it a super comfortable ride and experience.

The bikes benefit from being Pedal-assisted and also with the throttle on most bikes, along with flexible top-speed settings.

The design is functional with many devices, vast tires, and disc brakes. They offer a wide array of e-bike categories for all requirements.

Many of the designs are readily available in several shades, making them ascetically pleasing. The batteries are efficient, and the motors are super powerful.

What are the downsides? They are certainly more costly than the market’s equivalent. They can be heavy, so it’s useful to bear in mind if you have any physical limitations. They generally weigh 50-60lbs.

Many of the batteries aren’t integrated into the bike. Although the design is unique, they are definitely an acquired taste.

Investing in a Pedego bike is an investment for sure but one that could help your bike riding days and reduce your carbon footprint.

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