Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

Choosing the right electric bike is not as easy as you might think, especially with a budget of $2000.  In this article, we are going to look at the best electric bikes under $2000.

You could simply want an easy daily commute or have a electric mountain bike that you know has your back on trails. 

Technology has become so advanced that the batteries can fully charge in six hours and power your riding in fully electric mode.

Some of the best riding can come off-road, away from the traffic and daily hustle. With the weather proving challenging and the trail close to disappearing under mud, you want a bike that you can rely on.

With a powerful motor and a battery that should last all day, the off-road route becomes wholly less treacherous and you can enjoy the ride.

For under $2000, there are a plethora of options for an electric bike.

From foldable ones which are ideal for commuting to quick charging electric mountain bikes with fat tires built for off-road riding. 

That budget should see you well-placed to buy the electric bike you want with the right battery range and powerful motor.

Let's jump into our guide for the best electric bikes under $2000!


The first on our list of best electric bikes under $2000 is one from Opeak. You may think that foldable bikes are strictly for commuters yet you should think again.

Sand, trails, and snow are no problem for the Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike with its 750W brushless motor. 

The half-twist throttle is integrated into the handlebar also comes in very handy when you have a steep hill to climb.

With pedal assist mode you can cruise up to 46 miles which is impressive enough. Yet with an ebike controller you can use five levels of pedal assistance to go from 9 to 15, 21, 27, and 32MPH.

All that with a removable battery that fully charges in six hours which we liked in our testing.

Not forgetting, the main feature is that 6061 aluminum alloy foldable frame which proves exceedingly convenient, especially with folding pedals.


  • 6061 Foldable Aluminum Alloy Frame - Ideal for storage or bringing the electric bike inside with folding pedals for maximum compactibility
  • Half-Twist Throttle - Ideal when coming to a steep hill and integrated into the handlebars for easy efficiency
  • 48V / 750W Brushless Motor - A maximum output of 1000 watts should get you through any difficult terrain
  • Removable Battery - Easy charging on or off the frame in six hours
  • Ebike Controller - Five levels of pedal assistance for controllable acceleration 


  • Required Assembly - Expert assembly is available at a separate price which is helpful

Also available from eBay


If it is power you desire then the Eahora AM200 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike has it and more, which is why we consider it one of the best electric bikes under $2000.

A 750W brushless motor can achieve a top speed of 28MPH which should be more than enough for the daily commute. If you do hit those speeds, you should be confident of stopping with hydraulic front and rear brakes. 

Even over difficult terrain, you have front fork shock absorption, rear and front air suspension to smooth it all out which we liked in our testing.

A 48V / 10.4AH battery also has a huge range of up to 90 miles in pedal-assist mode or a sizable 45 to 60 miles in electric mode.

A Shimano nine-speed transmission system offers range variation and terrain adaptability while hills should be easy.

If you're looking for an electric mountain bike under $200 that offers riding comfort, there are few better models out there.


  • 750W Motor - Hit a speed of 28MPH from a high-speed brushless motor
  • E-PAS - A power regeneration system makes the best use of the battery range to power your uphills then regenerate the battery. Even without it, you can ride up to 90 miles with pedal-assist mode or 45 miles in electric mode
  • Dual Suspension - Front and rear air suspension with front high-strength fork shock absorption to provide a smooth ride 
  • Hydraulic Brakes - Rely on reliable front and rear disc brakes for braking force
  • Nine-Speed Transmission - Superb terrain adaptability and variation with better hill-climbing power


  • Large Price Tag - The bike will come close to the top of your $2000 budget

Also available directly from Eahora


Next on our list of best electric bikes under $2000 is one from Speedrid. Anyone with a sense of adventure should be casting their eyes at a fat tire bike.

These are made for off-road riding and tracks, few are better prepared than the Speedrid 48-Volt 500W Fat Tire Electric Snow Bike. 

That’s right, you can ride through the snow on this and any other terrain with 26” fat-tire wheels. You can even ride up to 23 MPH with seven-velocity speed gears and a front suspension fork to absorb the bumps.

Keeping on any track should be straightforward, as will checking your speed, battery level, and mileage on the LCD which we enjoyed in our experience of this product.

A 500W brushless gear motor will power your riding and a 48V can make it that much easier.

Construction is largely effortless too as the electric bike arrives 85% assembled with the option of third-party servicing should you need it.


  • 500W Motor - Climbing hills never felt so good with a powerful 500W motor
  • 26” Fat Tire Wheel - Anti-slip wear resistance on 26” fat tire wheels to steer you through any terrain - it's one of the best fat tyre electric bikes under $2000.
  • LCD - Keep on track while off-road by checking your battery level, speed, and mileage on the digital display
  • Shock Absorbing Fork - A front suspension fork are high-strength and shock absorbing making them ideal for bumpy trails
  • 85% Assembled - The electric bike arrives 85% assembled and third-party servicing is available


  • No Direction Indicators - You would need these to ensure safe riding though they should not be too expensive

Also available directly from Speedrid


In our runner up position for the best electric bikes under $2000 we have a bike from Ancheer. When you ride your electric bike to work, it should feel pleasurable. Traffic may be a hassle but with an Ancheer 26-Inch Adults Electric Bike, commuting can be a breeze.

That is largely down to a construction that insists you take an ergonomic upright riding position.

From there you can enjoy the view as you cruise, you could go as fast as 15MPH for 35 miles which is the battery range. 

That’s a 12.5AH lithium-ion battery that is secure on the bike but removable for easy charging in six to eight hours.

An aluminum alloy frame is easy to maneuver and designed to last, which we liked in our testing. You can also be confident in all-weather conditions with mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear.

Even on hills with a six-speed gear system that makes light work of slopes which we enjoyed in our experience of this product.


  • Smooth Riding - An ergonomic design means an upright riding position which is ideal for relaxed joints
  • Large Capacity Battery - A 36V / 12.5AH lithium-ion battery can cruise at 15 MPH for a distance of 35 miles and charge in six to eight hours
  • High-Speed Gears - A six-speed gear system means better versatility and climbing power
  • Top-Quality Frame - Made out of aluminum alloy, the frame is lightweight and long-lasting with double-walled rims for durability


  • Lack of Lighting - You would expect a set of lights to be included yet you will have to buy them separately 

Also available directly from Ancheer


Now for another runner up in our list of best electric bikes under $2000. For an electric bike that can deliver a battery range of 74 miles, you may be surprised to find that it can fully charge in four to six hours.

Then again the MZZK Electric Mountain Bike also has a choice of motor if you wanted to limit your power.

Choose from either 500W or 750W Bafang motor yet the removable 48V / 12.8AH Samsung lithium battery can take you far.

That versatility comes well-placed as it can go all-terrain riding over sand, gravel, wet roads, and even ice.

There are even six pedal assist modes to make light use of hill climbs or just if you need that extra boost which we enjoyed in our experience of this product. 

With a top speed of 20MPH, that may be all you require for the trail, or your commute.


  • Quick Charging Removable Battery - The 48V / 12.8AH Samsung battery can fully charge in four to six hours
  • Choice of Motor - If you prefer to limit your power then go for 500W though a 750W option is available
  • All-Terrain Riding - This electric bike has been tested over gravel, sand, or even ice
  • Six Pedal Assist Modes - For that extra power or to let the bike make hills feel truly effortless


  • Heavy Frame - The aluminum 6061 frame can be considered heavier than the competition though it is sturdy
  • Lackluster Stock Headlight - There are some reports that the stock headlight is not very bright

Best Electric Bikes Under $2000 Buying Guide

Electric bikes have evolved in recent years. Not simply their lightweight frames but the battery capacity and the formidable size of the tires.

Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

For just $1000, you should be able to get a good electric bike that comes with a throttle. For double that amount, you can expect a really impressive battery range which would still make an excellent investment. 

Type Of Electric Bike

While you may think that electric bikes are a type all of their own, you may be surprised to learn that there are three different types to look out for. Types of electric bike are important to consider when exploring best electric bikes under $2000.

For novices, you should just look out for a basic electric bike. These should be lightweight and comfortable for some easy riding.

There are also folding bikes which include specially designed engines that fit really well in a small frame. However, they may be comparably less powerful than a regular electric bike due to the reduced size of the engine.

You may prefer compromising on that power with the convenience of just how easy they are to store on public transport, at home, or in the office.

Finally, there are electric mountain bikes that make riding up hills and on trails seem far easier than it should be.


Battery is also important when looking at the best electric bikes under $2000. Even under $2000, you should expect a battery with a significantly sized capacity. These do not have to be physically big as they should ideally fit the bike’s frame.

This is why designs are constantly changing as manufacturers become savvier with the technology. The battery could be the defining factor in the cost of your electric bike so consider how far you want to go between charges.

If your commute is not that far away then buying a battery that can go all day likely is not necessary.

However, if you do go on the odd all-day off-trail ride then you will need a decent capacity to get you there and back. 

This is especially important when going into hilly regions where you may rely on the battery to get you up a tricky slope, but not so much on the way down.

The charging duration has to be considered too. If you do opt for a battery with a larger capacity that will likely take far longer to fully charge than a smaller battery.

As a general rule, the batteries in electric bikes tend to take between four and eight hours to fully charge.

Unless you want to take additional batteries or rapid chargers then consider the capacity and the charging duration properly.

The range is also something to think about. This is the distance an electric bike can cover on a fully charged battery.

An electric bike under $2000 which is ideal for commuting should have a range of around 70km. 

Build Quality

If you are buying your electric bike in person, you should likely take the time to inspect it when finding the best electric bikes under $2000. That means feeling the material that has been used in the construction and checking the racks, rims, and tires.

Occasionally, you may have to carry your bike so try to lift it and see if you can do that relatively easily.

Motor Type

There are two motor types to consider when deciding on your electric bike.

One is when the engine is built into the central structure of the frame in the bottom bracket region. There are also engines that can be located in the hub of the bike’s rear wheel.

If the motor type is a key decision then consider the frame-mounted engine as the more sensible option. Placing the engine on the frame is typically the most ideal for it with good reason.

These engines can offer that extra pedaling assistance right when you need it most. The drawback is that they also require regular maintenance.

On the other hand, a hob engine on the rear wheel can be great to hide the fact that you have an electric bike that may (or may not) be giving you an extra push.

Due to their position, it can prove difficult to repair a puncture should you suffer one on the rear wheel.


For a budget of $2000, you should not skimp on comfort. This should be an electric bike that you use for years and consider to be a sizable investment. A thick padded saddle and handlebars you can adjust should come as standard.

Frame Material

The material used in the construction of the frame makes a huge difference to how well you ride the electric bike. For the cheapest bikes, you can expect them to be generally heavy thus slow, and very draining on the battery.

The higher up the price range you go, the lighter the material should get. From steel to frames fabricated with aluminum and truly light carbon fiber. If there is one element that you should splash out on it is the frame.


If you are spending up to $2000 on an electric bike, you should be looking for some versatility. That is quite an outlay just to use the bike for commuting, what about the weekends?

Fat tires are well worth seeking out if you have a sense of adventure as these bigger and broader tires can gain more traction on slippery off-road surfaces.

Those tires can become really handy when going uphill, especially if you need to resort to the power boost from the battery.


Many manufacturers will send out their electric bikes requiring assembly on arrival. You should expect clear instructions yet the amount of work you have to do may differ.

Some models may be relatively straightforward and come 85% assembled.

Simply mount the wheels, attach the handlebars, connect the pedals, and off you go. That may only take a few minutes with the right tools.

Other models can take longer and you may want to contact a bike shop to ensure that the assembly has been done correctly. Expert assembly can also come from a third party yet this will come at a price.


Being able to fold your electric bike is a crucial factor if you want to take it on all-day rides. You may not be allowed to park your bike at the workplace, nor bring it on public transport.

As long as your bike is foldable, the frame should also be lightweight and you can carry it easily.


There should be plenty of accessories you can get with an electric bike that costs up to $2000. You can expect similar functionality with a conventional bike, yet more technically advanced models.

For lighting, headlights are really important and the high-end electric bikes will come with powerful lighting for night rides.

That technology should also include an LCD attached to your handlebar.

The display should show your distance, speed, battery lifespan, and that all-important pedal-assist mode. 

While you may have become accustomed to a basket at the front of your pushbike, with an electric bike you can get so much more. That includes a luggage rack to assist with your shopping. 

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