Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

The electric scooter, or e-scooter, is an electric variant of the simple scooter we all know and love from childhood. In this article, we will be exploring the best electric scooters for heavy adults.

While they were first made commercially available in 1996, electric scooters have seen a recent boom in popularity, such that they are now considered motor vehicles with their own set of road rules.

For example, in California, they are subject to the same regulations as mopeds, except they don’t have to be registered with the DMV.

Electric scooters have an obvious advantage over their human-powered counterparts, in that they have an electric motor to generate forward momentum.

This means that you can get around more quickly without expending as much effort to propel yourself.

Motorized scooters used to have a gas engine, but electric has overtaken gas as the most common power source for these vehicles.

Other benefits of electric scooters include being eco-friendly, virtually noiseless, and extremely portable.

If you’re a fully-grown adult who’s carrying a bit of extra weight, you may be wondering if an e-scooter is a viable option for you.

After all, nonelectric scooters were originally designed as a child’s toy, and electric ones don’t look much sturdier; you don’t want to be riding one and suddenly have it collapse under you, risking embarrassment and possible injury.

 The good news is, there are electric scooters available for people of all shapes and sizes, but you’ll need to look for specific characteristics.

Here is our list of picks for the best electric scooters for heavier adults, to give you peace of mind and a solid starting place for your search.


Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

So the first one on our list of best electric scooters for heavier adults is one from Segway. From the same company that makes the eponymous Segway (essentially a horizontal scooter) comes this more traditional electric scooter, with a whole host of useful features.

It is a powerful model, reaching a top speed of 18.6 km per hour, and it offers a travelling range of up to 40.4 miles.

While the Max G30 is even more advanced in these areas, the Ninebot Max is the best choice for balancing reliability and price. 

It is also worth noting that independent tests have been carried out, showing that the max speed is actually higher than the company’s modest claims.

The Segway Ninebot Max has a weight load of up to 220 pounds/100 kg, so it can support most adults who would want to ride it.

You can tell by looking at it that it’s sturdy, and the design has proved effective for many years. 

With a 350W motor, it can propel larger people with more speed than other models, even when going up steep hills.

While many scooters favor a slimline approach to their standing deck, this one has a wide deck with a larger surface area, so you won’t have to worry about falling off.

The plain design may not be flashy, but it certainly looks like it means business.

It also offers a comfy ride, with highly-pumped tires that will lessen the impact of rocky terrain and keep you feeling at ease through your journey. 

To engage the motor, you must kick start it by riding manually until you reach at least 3 km/h.

This helps protect you from accidentally surging forward after hitting the throttle at a dead stop, but it can make it tricky in practical situations such as going uphill or restarting after a stoplight.


  • Robust construction that you can be sure will hold you
  • Powerful 350 watt motor for maximum output
  • Incredible range relative to its price category
  • Water resistant
  • Ample standing room


  • Quite bulky and heavy compared to other models
  • Top speed is fairly low and is inconsistent depending on the incline or terrain
  • Kick start requirement doesn’t allow you to feel the power benefit immediately


EMOVE Cruiser 52V 1600W

Our next pick on our list of best electric scooters for heavier adults is the EMOVE Cruiser. If power is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place: the EMOVE Cruiser has a staggering 1600W motor and 52V battery, so is guaranteed to get you where you need to go.

With the 2021 edition, you can travel a long range distance of 62 miles and reach top speeds of around 30 mph.

The maximum load is a very generous 352 pounds, equating to 160 kg - this gives you a lot of leeway in terms of your personal weight and how comfortable you will feel riding the scooter.

Alongside all these impressive stats, the EMOVE Cruiser boasts a fantastic range of special features, from foldable handlebars and hydraulic brakes, to turn signals so you can let other road users know where you’re going - this makes it more advanced than a bike when it comes to road safety.

It takes between 9 and 12 hours to charge completely, because it’s got a big battery, but it will last you a long time once it’s fully charged. We recommend charging it overnight, so it’s ready to go first thing in the morning.

One of our favorite functions is the foldable handlebars mentioned above; these reduce the dimensions of the whole thing from 48”x 23” x 46.5”, to 49” x 10” x 14”, while other foldable scooters only reduce in height.

Therefore, the scooter is easy to transport (where you’re not using it as transport!) and folds into a much more practical shape when down. It weighs 23 kg by itself, which is heavier than some others, but still light enough to be portable. 

What’s more, the scooter is available in different colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your personality out of black, white, red, purple and orange.


  • Significantly higher voltage and wattage than most other electric scooters, giving it maximum power
  • Suitable for riders weighing up to 352 lbs
  • Comes in 5 different colors for easy personalization


  • At the higher end of the price range for electric scooters
  • Fairly heavy compared to similar models
  • Takes a long time to charge


Kaabo Mantis 8

Next on our list of best electric scooters for heavier adults is the Kaabo Mantis. The Kaabo Mantis may look small, but it’s actually very strong and sturdy, with a formidable design to match.

It can hold up to 264 lbs, or 120 kg, but the scooter itself weighs 53 lbs - the frame is forged from a single piece of aluminium alloy, which is a better alternative to steel because of its lightweight nature.

The tires are 8” in diameter and are made without tires, so they won’t suddenly deflate if they get a puncture, but will lose air gradually instead to keep you safer.

One of the main selling points of this particular model is that it comes with dual motors, each at 500 W for a total capacity of 1000 W.

Combining two motors means that you can split the burden between them, making it far more efficient than having just one. You can choose to use only one in order to save power, or both for maximum performance.

It takes only 3 hours to charge the 48 V battery, which is a shorter time than you might expect for the power output you get.

The only potential drawback is that each charge will only take you 25 before you’ll need to charge it again.

Kaabo manufactures electric scooters for both commuting and off-road purposes, so you know that versatility is at the forefront of the design.

The particular tires on this model are road tires, making it an excellent choice for your everyday travel. 

Overall, it is extremely durable and will last you a long time, no matter what you throw at it or how regularly you ride.

The official speed advertised on the specifications is 25 km/h (although you can comfortably ride at up to 32 km/h), and it can reach 24 km/h in under 5 seconds.


  • Comes with an 18 month warranty - six months longer than the standard 12 months you frequently see on the market
  • Offers great value for money, even though it is among the more expensive bikes
  • Fast acceleration to top speed
  • Designed to feel like riding a sports car
  • Dual motors so you can unlock higher power


  • Not a great option for off-roading, as it is primarily a road bike
    Can only cover 25 miles per charge


Apollo Ghost

The next on our list of best electric scooters for heavier adults is the Apollo Ghost. Despite what the name might suggest, this scooter won’t slip out of your grasp in a puff of smoke or disappear in front of your very eyes - it’s as real and tangible as could be, with extra safety features to give you peace of mind wherever you leave it.

These include key lock ignition and several locking places on the body, to prevent unauthorized people just driving off with it.

After all, if you’re investing in an expensive piece of equipment, it makes sense that it comes with measures to help you protect it as much as possible.

One of the top benefits you will get with the Apollo Ghost is the astonishingly fast acceleration, taking you from stationary to 15 mph in just 3.1 seconds, and 0-25 mph in 5.3 seconds.

It really is a case of blink and you’ll miss it, as people will have trouble catching up with you on this beast of a scooter.

The top speed is a staggering 34 mph or 55 km/h, significantly faster than most others and comparable with cars on some stretches of road. 

Of course, it is also a lot more economical than using a car, so certain journeys would make more sense to travel on an Apollo Ghost.

How does it manage to offer these incredible speeds? Well, the dual motors certainly have a lot to answer for: each one can provide up to 1000W of power, for a maximum of 2000W overall.

Even when they’re not operating at their full capacity, they still output around 1600W altogether.

In addition, the battery voltage is 52V with Dynavolt cells, which are commonly used to power motorcycles - this company knows what works when it comes to motorized vehicles!


  • Accelerates rapidly up to 55 km/h, which is incredibly fast for this type of vehicle
  • Additional safety features to help keep your scooter out of harm’s way
  • Stopping distance of just 8ft from 25 km/h, thanks to its two separate disc brakes
  • Wide standing deck so there’s plenty of room for larger feet
  • Warranty policy includes purchasing a replacement battery pack at cost price once the original has weakened through extensive use


  • Weighs in at a relatively bulky 64 lbs, reducing its portability
  • Not as advanced as other products in the Apollo range, which include features such as quadruple spring suspension


Dualtron X2

The Dualtron is the next to be discussed on our list of best electric scooters for heavier adults. The first thing you should be aware of is that this is a top of the range model, pushing the boundaries of what electric scooters are capable of.

It comes with a hefty price tag to match, so won’t be a realistic prospect for everyone. 

However, if you are on the lookout for the best technology available, and you have the means to afford it, by all means consider this as a serious contender for your next big purchase.

You certainly won’t feel precarious riding the Dualtron X2, even if you’re carrying as much mass as a champion body-builder.

You can tell just by looking that this scooter means business: the large wheels with 13” pneumatic tires, towering height, and solid deck all contribute to its sturdy appearance.

The effect of these features on the overall weight of the scooter is significant, as it comes in at a cumbersome 66 kg.

Luckily, you probably won’t have to transport it very far, since it does a great job of providing the transport itself - you can cover 60-90 miles if the scooter is fully charged, and reach speeds of up to 68 mph. We’re out of breath just imagining it!

In terms of specs, the Dualtron X2 simply blows the more affordable options out of the water. It even improves vastly upon its predecessor, the Dualtron X, which was a legendary model in its own right.

The battery size is a whopping 72V, made from LG cells, and the dual motors can provide 4150W each for a maximum output of 8300W - it’s in a whole other league compared to the other options we’ve reviewed here.

The Dualtron X2 can carry a max load of 330 lbs, or 150 kg, and will ensure a comfortable ride for everyone.


  • Dual motors combine for up to 8300W
  • Carries riders weighing up to 330 lbs with ease
  • Climbs gradients of up to 35 degrees, while the average for an electric scooter is 20 degrees
  • Can accelerate to over 55 mph
  • You can travel 93 miles with each charge


  • In the highest price range for electric scooters, so many won’t find it affordable
  • The scooter itself weighs 145 lbs, making it less than portable
    Takes more than 8 hours to charge fully

Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults Buying Guide

When you’re an adult who’s carrying a little more weight than average, it can be a hassle having to check that things you buy will be suitable and comfortable for you.

best electric scooter for heavy adults

Here, we go through the things you should look out for when you’re considering the best electric scooters for heavier adults.


The deck is the part that you stand on when you ride a scooter.

With a regular, nonelectric scooter, the deck is usually quite narrow and has room for only one foot at a time - this is because the other foot is used to push off from the floor and make it go.

Electric scooters are powered externally, so they don’t require you to do this, and most of your time will be spent standing fully on the deck with one foot behind the other.

This means that the deck will usually be slightly wider than usual, but some come with a deck that is almost double the standard width.

A wider deck can help you to feel safer and less likely to topple over, and it will also be able to spread your weight over a larger surface area to carry you better.

Max Load

Each scooter will have its own maximum weight that it can safely hold, and you should easily be able to find this out on the specifications page for that model.

It sounds obvious, but you will need to make sure you fall within the range that the e-scooter can carry, otherwise you may put yourself and others at risk if you try and use it anyway.

The average max load of an electric scooter will be between 220 and 265 lbs, but as you have seen, there are plenty of options that offer more leeway.

While it will probably be more expensive to get one with a higher capacity, it is worth it - this is not an area where you can afford to cut corners.


The motor wattage and battery voltage play a key role in the maximum power output of any e-scooter, which in turn affects the speeds it can travel at.

More powerful scooters will be able to carry heavier loads without an issue, while lower-powered ones may struggle. 

The maximum speed of a scooter will vary depending on how much weight it has to carry, so bear this in mind when considering your options; if it can’t go particularly fast at its highest efficiency, it will only go slower when you introduce more weight into the equation.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What Happens If You Exceed An E-Scooter’s Max Load?

If you weigh more than the maximum weight an electric scooter states it can carry, it can have adverse consequences.

While a scooter will usually be able to support a few lbs over its weight limit, you should really take what it says seriously and not overload it. 

If you do, you could end up damaging your scooter - even if you didn’t injure yourself in the process, it’s not worth the risk to compromise something that will have cost so much to buy in the first place.

You can cause the frame to buckle, speed up the tire wear, and drain the battery life, all of which will lead to reduced functionality.

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