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There are few feelings better than skating. High speeds, adrenaline, and bags of fun are just a few of the factors that encourage thousands of us to pick up a board each year. In this article, we will be exploring the best electric skateboards.

One of the biggest perks of living in the golden age of technology is rideable technology. Since the electric skateboard has come into fashion, more and more skaters are taking the plunge and ditching their classic boards for electronic alternatives.

Are you thinking of swapping your old board for an electric one? It can be tough to know where to start with so many features, controls, and speeds to choose from. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best electric skateboards. We've got something for everyone, from beginner-friendly boards to the advanced rider's dream. 

Ready? Let’s get started at exploring the best electric skateboards. 


Let’s kick things off with the best electric skateboards with Wookrays electric skateboard, and firstly, just take a look at that design! 

This electric skateboard is available in two funky designs (either black or blue), and it boasts an attractive maple deck consisting of seven durable layers. When we tested this skateboard, it was hard not to notice how stable and sturdy this made the deck feel!

The deck is 6.8 inches in width and 65 centimeters in length, making it a nice, compact deck for easy riding. It also takes a max load of 80kg.  

Now, let’s talk speed. This skateboard comes with three-speed modes to suit both beginners and advanced skaters. The low setting is 6.2mph, the medium is 9.3mph, and the high setting is 12.4mph. It also has a 29.4-volt battery that can charge up to a maximum 5-mile range, and best of all, it charges up in just two hours! 

Its 350w single motor is powerful and long-lasting, and it also comes with an ergonomic, wireless remote that can move your skateboard backward and forwards, and accelerate, decelerate, and brake. We found this control could work from as far back as 14 meters during testing, which is pretty impressive! 

Unfortunately, we did find that this skateboard takes off quite fast. So if you’re a beginner skater, you may find even the lowest setting to be a little intimidating!


  • 3 Speed Settings: These settings give you more control over your ride and are simple and easy to use. 
  • Durable Maple Deck: The maple deck has seven layers, giving this board a safe and secure design. 
  • 2 Hour Charge Time: This skateboard can reach full charge in just two hours and has an impressive five-mile range. You won’t have to wait too long to get on the board, which is great if you’re in a rush!


  • Fast Take Off: During testing, we didn’t feel this board had a gradual build-up to take off. It sets off quite quickly, which may be difficult for beginner users to get to grips with.


Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Our next pick for the best electric skateboard is the Hiboy S11 electric skateboard. 

This board is light, solid, and durable. Its custom-designed maple deck is available in black, with a white and green design on the top. When we tested this skateboard, we loved its four riding modes the most. This board has a top speed of 13mph, and its four riding modes and brake modes are perfect for beginners, straight through to experienced riders. 

Like the WOOKRAYS board, this board has seven layers of maple, with the motor attached to the underside of the deck. This board can hold a max weight of 220lbs and a range between 6.2 to 9.3 miles, depending on the charge and weight load. 

Most importantly, though, this skateboard is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about any water damage messing with the motor. We also found the remote control easy to use, and we could change speed in just a few clicks!

The only downside to this skateboard is that we found the weight limit wasn’t quite accurate during testing. Although we have no doubt this board could hold up to 220lbs, the closer you are to the limit, the slower you go. This shouldn't be a problem if you don’t mind not going too fast, though (especially if you’re a beginner). 


  • Four Riding and Brake Modes: This not only gives you more control over speed but braking distance, too. This makes this board an excellent choice for beginners. 
  • Waterproof: You won’t need to worry about the rain messing with the motor. 
  • 13mph Top Speed: This is a nice speed limit, not too fast and not too slow, which suits both beginner and experienced riders.


  • Inaccurate Weight Limit: Heavier loads can slow the speed of the board. Although this could hold up to the max weight limit, performance will be affected.


Caroma Electric Skateboard

Next up for the best electric skateboard, we have the Caroma electric skateboard. 

This maple deck is made from an impressive eight layers, with non-slip sandpaper at the top, to keep you feeling safe and sturdy on each ride. It also comes with a 29.4v battery, which reaches full charge in just 2.5 hours and has a maximum range of 10-12 miles, depending on the conditions. 

When we tested this board, one of the things we loved the most was its 10-degree climbing ability. Riding up inclines is tough, even without an electric board. However, this feature made riding inclines feel slightly more natural than with other boards. 

This board can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs, and what’s more, it has an IP54 waterproof capability, which is great for riding in tricky conditions. It also has four remote control speed modes, including 3.1mph, 6.2mph, and 11mph. 

We also loved the shock absorbent and non-slip grip wheels, which drastically improved our stability on the board, even on rocky terrain!

Unfortunately, the only real downside to this board is the driving range. Although Caroma states it can do up to 12 miles, we found the battery started to die quite quickly after roughly 9. This might not be an issue if you’re only doing short commutes or leisure riding. If you’re looking for something that can handle longer rides, though, this might not be the one for you. 


  • IP54 Waterproof: This rating means your board will be protected from water spray in any direction and limited dust ingress. This gives you more freedom to ride over tricky terrain.
  • Different Speed Modes: This is ideal for beginners who want to build up their confidence and skills on the board gradually. 
  • 2.5 Hour Charge Time: This is quite a quick charge time compared to other boards, so you won’t have to wait for hours until you can go on a ride.


  • Unreliable Driving Range: Unfortunately, we found the driving range of this board to be inaccurate. Although it’s advertised as being able to do up to 12 miles in a charge, we found it started to die quickly after around 9 miles.


KYNG Electric Skateboard

Still searching for the best electric skateboard? Let’s take a look at the KYNG electric skateboard. 

This board is made from a unique mix of bamboo and maple, with a deck length of 38 inches. This impressive build quality boasts five layers of Canadian maple wood and two layers of bamboo deck. This stunning build can carry weights of up to 250 pounds, which is more than the average electric board!

What’s more, this board has a max range of 12-15 miles per full charge, and it reaches an incredible 23mph! When we tested this board, we got it to reach top speed (which we would say is probably not suitable for beginners). However, the ride is incredibly smooth and fast. We loved it. 

The board also comes with a wireless LED remote with a four-speed selector and a forward and reverse indicator. We found this very easy to use, and we loved how simple the thumb throttle was and how much precise control it gave us over braking. 

This board comes with a 450W motor on the underside, and it can charge in just two hours! Considering the weight limit and how fast this board can go, this is an impressive charge time. 

Its speed selectors include low speed (12mph), medium speed (15mph), high speed (19mph), and max speed (23mph). Unfortunately, during testing, we found that the faster you’re going, the quicker the battery dies. You’ll get less mileage out of this board if you’re traveling at a consistently high speed. 


  • 23mph Top Speed: This is incredibly fast, making this board an excellent choice for adrenaline lovers!
  • 2 Hour Charge Time: This is one of the fastest charge times we’ve ever seen, making this board really stand out from other competitors. 
  • Extra Sturdy Deck: This deck has five layers of Canadian wood and two layers of bamboo, giving this skateboard an unparalleled level of support.


  • Fast Draining Battery: The only real downside to this board is that the battery drains much faster if you’re traveling at high speeds.  


Tooluck Electric Skateboard1

Last but not least for the best electric skateboard, we have this beautiful electric skateboard from Tooluck. 

This skateboard comes in three color designs: orange, black and red, with a 70-centimeter deck length and a width of 8.66 inches. Its 350w motor charges in just two hours and has a maximum driving range of between six to eight miles. 

Like most other electric skateboards, the tooluck model is made from seven layers of solid maple wood, which means it can stand weights of up to 100kg. When we tested this board, we found that the high-density build of the board made us feel very secure and at no risk of slipping. 

According to tooluck, this board can reach speeds of up to 12mph. When we put it to the test, it reached this quickly, and best of all, we found that its high grip, shock-absorbent wheels did well to absorb the blows of rocky terrain, even at top speed!

We were also impressed with how quiet the skateboard's motor was. We didn’t hear any noticeable rumbling or grumbling as we rode along, which was a lovely surprise. This skateboard has a 6-8 miles driving range, making it perfect for short commutes and leisure rides. 

Unfortunately, we did notice a dramatic speed decrease when we tried this board on an incline. It doesn’t handle steep inclines well, so if you’re an experienced rider, you might prefer something a little more durable. 


  • Sturdy Deck: We felt very secure when riding this board and at no risk at all of falling. 
  • Quiet Motor: When you’re riding along, you’ll barely notice the motor at work.


  • Can’t Handle Inclines: Unfortunately, this board can’t handle inclines well. This shouldn’t be a problem for beginner riders, but it might not be ideal for experienced riders.

Best Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

Electric skateboards are a fun and unique way to get around, but do you know what you should be looking for in an electric board? 

Before you consider making a purchase, let us walk you through some of the most important components of an electric skateboard, what they mean, and which ones are the telltale signs of a well-made product. 

Best Electric Skateboard

How Fast?

If you’re buying your first e-skate, you may be tempted to go straight for the one with the highest speeds. However, this isn’t always necessary for the best electric skateboards. 

If you’re an experienced rider or an adrenaline junkie, then maybe. However, if you’re a beginner who’s not comfortable with going too fast, you may find yourself wasting money on features you won’t use. 

Remember: the faster your board goes, the quicker your battery drains, too. So if you’re prioritizing long-range, a fast board probably isn’t a good choice. 

Non-Slip Decks

Non-slip decks are one of the most important things you should be looking for. If you’re using an electric skateboard, chances are, you’ll be going faster than you would on a manual one. 

Even if you’re not using your board's maximum speed, there’s an increased risk of injury. Non-slip decks will usually be reinforced with maple wood or bamboo, and some even have sandpaper on the top. 

If you’re completely new to skating, you can even get foot reinforcement straps to add to your board. These wrap around your feet and keep you feeling secure. Don’t be afraid to try these out if you're a beginner. However, we wouldn’t recommend using them at high speeds for safety reasons as you risk losing control of the board. 

Motor Type

There are three main types of motors on an e-skate. These are:

  • Hub-Drive Motor: These are the most common motors. Hub-drive motors are less expensive, clean, and easy to install and maintain. 
  • Belt-Drive Motor: Belt-drive motors aren’t the most popular. Many riders find these harder to kick push and say they increase resistance. 
  • Direct Drives: These motors allow you to swap wheels and have much less resistance than belt-drive motors. This makes them one of the most popular choices for e-skate users. 

Before you buy a board, make sure you know what motor it's using. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be better off opting for a direct drive or hub-drive motor rather than a belt drive motor. 

Long Range

Another thing you should be considering when exploring the best electric skateboards is the range of your motor. To choose the correct range, you’ll need to determine what you’ll be using your board for. For example, are you commuting or leisure riding? Are your rides short or long, and what sort of terrain do you ride over? 

All of these answers will determine whether you should opt for a long-range or short-range board. If you’re only leisure riding for short distances, you’d be better off opting for a cheaper, shorter-range ride before graduating to longer distances. 

Consider Your Skill Level

Finally, you’ll need to consider your skill level when choosing the best electric skateboard for you. Many electric boards come with advanced speed features, braking features, and high speeds. If you want one of these boards, it’s best to practice getting comfortable on a regular board first. 

Familiarize yourself with the feeling of carving, steering, and foot braking, and make sure you understand weight distribution before getting on an electric board. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Skateboards Good for Beginners?

Electronic skateboards are great for beginners. Their greater range of speed and brake control can make riding on paved roads and rugged terrain much easier than it would be on a manual board. 

Are Electric Skateboards Illegal? 

Some states like Texas and California allow electronic skateboards on smaller roads and with certain speed limits. In other states such as Florida, they aren’t allowed at all. Always check your state's legislation before buying an electric skateboard.

Is an Electric Skateboard Worth It? 

Electric skateboards are a convenient way to get around. They’re affordable and a more eco-friendly alternative to cars and motorbikes. They’re ideal for commuting, too; you won’t have to worry about turning up sweaty to work like you would on a manual board!

Final Thoughts

Whether you love them or hate them, electric skateboards are here to stay. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and upgrading to an electric board, there’s a lot to consider. 

However, we hope we’ve shown you that there’s a board for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a nervous novice, there’s no reason why you can’t feel comfortable on an e-skate!

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