Best Hoverboard For Kids

If your kid has been nagging you for a hoverboard, now is the time to get them one. Though they can be quite expensive, hoverboards have decreased significantly in the last few years. In this article, we will be exploring the best hoverboards for kids.

To help you, we have found 5 of the best hoverboards for kids on the market. What’s more, we have specifically chosen products that will be perfect for kids.

This means that you can easily find some great products that are certain to make your children happy.

These products have been selected because they are safe, fun, and have features that your children are bound to enjoy. 

Let's dive into the best hoverboards for kids!


Firstly on our list of the best hoverboards for kids, this Hover-1 Hoverboard will be a perfect gift for your kids. It is available in an appealing selection of bright colors.

Aside from this, the hoverboard has other desirable and user-friendly features. 

For example, it utilizes IPX4 water resistance and funky speakers. The hoverboard is capable of holding 264 pounds.

As a result, your kids are not the only people that can benefit from it. If you are feeling bold, give this hoverboard a whirl.


  • 5 stylish colors: you can purchase this product in 5 different colors, namely black, blue, red, white, and iridescent. This means that you can find the vibrant color that will most appeal to your kid. Our favorite is the iridescent hoverboard, as it has a super fun and unique design that your kid will absolutely adore. 
  • 9 mph speeds: let’s face it, your kids are going to love going at fast speeds. This hoverboard has a top speed of 9 mph, which is fast enough to excite your kids but not too fast that they are likely to injure themselves. Also, the product has a range of 9 miles. 
  • 2.5 hours of battery life: this impressive lithium-ion battery has long battery life. Consequently, you will not need to constantly recharge the device. Instead, your kid can use it to their heart’s content. 
  • LED headlights: the thought of your kids using their hoverboard when it's dark may seem scary. This will limit the time that they can play, especially during the winter. However, with these LED lights, your kids will be safe. You can even customize the lights to fit your preferences. 
  • Bluetooth speakers: for your kid to blast their favorite tunes, the hoverboard comes with built-in speakers. Using the app, you can alter the volume. 


  • The app reliance may be annoying for some: a lot of the features of the hoverboard can be controlled from the app. For instance, you can alter the skill mode via this app, allowing you to choose a beginner mode if you are less experienced. Though we found this app extremely useful, people who are less tech-savvy may struggle with this element. 

Also available at: Walmart


If your kid loves bright and colorful products, this hoverboard will be ideal for them. It features lots of vibrant and rainbow-colored lights, adding some much-needed brightness to your life and putting it second on our list of best hoverboards for kids.

The hoverboard itself is also extremely energetic, available in 3 colors. You can choose from black, blue, or pink to find the best hoverboard color for your little one.

As a result, this hoverboard has a super slick aesthetic that is sure to go down well with kids.


  • 5 LED lights: your kid is sure to be noticed thanks to these awesome LED lights. The color of these lights will change depending on what music is being played through the speaker. This is a unique gimmick that your kid will likely be a fan of. 
  • Awesome tires: the LED lights can also be found on these terrific tires. Not only do the tires work seamlessly, but they make use of 4 separate lights. These lights alternate colors randomly, adding even more fun into the mix. 
  • Sophisticated mainboard: the mainboard program is sophisticated yet straightforward to use. This means that your kids will be stable whenever they use this hoverboard. 
  • 3-4 hours of playtime: after charging for between 2 and 3 hours, this hoverboard will have 3 to 4 hours of playtime. Therefore, your kids will be able to play for a long time. Moreover, it means that the hoverboard will not continuously need to be plugged in. 


  • Expensive: compared to some of its competitors, this hoverboard costs a little more. Therefore, you should only contemplate investing in the product if you are willing to spend a little extra money on your kids.

Also available at: Tomoloo 


Next on our list of best hoverboards for kids, if you are looking for a hoverboard that has the safety of your kids in mind, this outstanding product from EPCTEK will be perfect for you.

Alongside visually appealing colors and speakers, this hoverboard utilizes features that will encourage safety. 

For instance, the footpad has been covered with a non-slip material. This means that your child can be out of harm’s way as they enjoy this heavenly hoverboard.


  • Anti-slip and anti-skid: these useful features will limit your child’s risk of injury. Both the tires and pedals are anti-skid, Meanwhile, the footpad is non-slip, thus stopping your child from accidentally sliding off. These are not the only safety features:
  • Over-speed: if your child is going too fast, this hoverboard has an alarm that will warn you. Plus, it comes with speed reduction to promote safety. These settings will alter depending on road conditions. 
  • Color options: this hoverboard can be bought in an impressive range of stylish colors, namely black, light blue, blue, carbon black, green, orange, and white. If your kid is picky about the color of their hoverboard, this hoverboard will ensure that they have plenty of options. 
  • 180 rotation: this hoverboard can go around in semi-circles thanks to this rotation feature. 
  • 3 lighting modes: you can select between 3 thrilling light settings, which are entitled light strips, exercise lights, or motor lights. These fun features will help to liven up your child’s user experience. 


  • Limited battery life: compared to some of its rivals, this hoverboard has quite a short battery life. This will not be suitable for people who want to be able to ride their products for a long time. 

Also available at: Walmart


Penultimately on our list of best hoverboards for kids, this Gyroor hoverboard is perfect for kids and adults alike. This is a high-quality model that is worth the model.

It can be bought in three fun colors, namely sun black, sun blue, or flash blue. 

This, combined with the adjustable lighting, will make your kid look super awesome.

Alongside its cool aesthetic, the hoverboard also has more practical features, such as its self-balance and all-terrain capabilities.


  • All-terrain: this hoverboard can be utilized in a number of environments, including gravel and sand. It can even work on grass, meaning that it can be used in several different settings.
  • Adult or child mode: you can choose from two modes depending on the age and experience of the user. The helpful child mode is why we included this magnificent model in our list. 
  • Durable: the product has been made from strong materials. As a result, it will not break easily. Therefore, you will not need to bother with the hassle of having it replaced.
  • Failure analysis: on the rare occasion that there is an issue with this hoverboard, you can perform failure analysis. This will make fixing the problem a lot simpler.
  • Lighting options: you can easily change the lighting color with the help of your phone. This will allow you and your kid to ride in style. These lights will look particularly cool in the dark. Plus, they will make others aware of your presence.


  • Cost: this product will be best suited to parents who are happy to spend more money on their kid’s present. It is sold at a higher cost than most of the other products on this list, meaning that it is not the most affordable product. For this cost, you are paying for extra features. 


The final hoverboard in this list of best hoverboards for kids was chosen primarily because of its super unique design.

It has been decorated with an awesome and eye-catching spider motif that will be of interest to most children. 

These spider graphics instantly add an element of coolness to the hoverboard. If your kid is a fan of Spider-Man, they will find this spectacular.

Aside from the distinctive design, the hoverboard also functions brilliantly. It has some pretty standard features, such as speakers and LED lights, as well as some more unique settings.


  • 3 cool colors: the wicked design is available in 3 stunning colors, specifically flaming red, ultra blue, and ultimate black.
  • Deceleration function: with a top speed of 6.5 miles per hour, the hoverboard will notify the user when they are going over this. Moreover, it will keep your child safe by moderately lowering the speed.
  • Auto-balancing: to prevent your child from losing balance and injuring themselves, this hoverboard utilizes auto-balancing technology.
  • 12° angles: this hoverboard can climb angles of up to 12°. As a result, you will be able to hover over slopes and small hills. This will be a great feature for people who live in hilly areas.
  • Easy turning: turning on this hoverboard is quite straightforward thanks to the 6.5-inch wheels.


  • Limited color options: though we adore the design of this hoverboard, it comes in fewer colors than most other products. This will be quite frustrating if your child has a favorite color that is not black, red, or blue. Fortunately, some retailers offer a wider range. 
  • Slower than other models: though 6.5 mph will be a speed that is suitable for kids, it is not the quickest of models. As a result, it will not be best suited to people who want to achieve high speeds. 

Also available at: 

Best Hoverboard For Kids Buying Guide

After making your way through the reviews above on the best hoverboards for kids, you will be in a much more informed position to start shopping.

This is because the recommendations above will have made you aware of some of the most desirable hoverboard features. Furthermore, it will have warned you about some of the features to avoid. 

Best Hoverboard For Kids

Though this is the case, choosing a hoverboard for your kid can be more complicated than you may have originally believed.

With so many factors influencing the quality of the product, it can be strenuous to narrow down which items are suitable for your child.

Luckily for you, we have highlighted several of the main factors and explained why they are important.

Please consider these factors before you start shopping to find the right hoverboard for your kids:


As much as you will want to spoil your kids at Christmas and birthdays, you will also not want to spend a fortune on all of their gifts.

Most people will be shopping with a budget, meaning that some hoverboards will be out of their price range. 

Though hoverboards can be quite substantial investments, you do not need to spend a ton of money to guarantee that your kid has an incredible hoverboard.

To stop yourself from overspending, you should think about the amount that you are willing to spend on your kid. Once you have decided on this number, you should consider it your budget.

Be sure that you strictly stick to this budget. If you need to, use this budget to filter online search results so that you only get hoverboards that are within your price range.

You should be warned that even affordable hoverboards will cost around $100. Some products are significantly more expensive than this, though you should rule them out if you are shopping on a tight budget.


Though you may not be that bothered about what the hoverboard looks like, your kids probably will.

They will want their hoverboard to come in their favorite colors and will want them to have a cool design. Thus, you will need to think about the appearance of the product.

As you can see from the list of products above, a lot of hoverboards are sold in a range of colors. Though this gives you plenty of options, it can make choosing a product difficult.

The best thing to do is to ask your kid what color they want. If you are purchasing the hoverboard as a surprise gift for them, instead you should find out what their favorite colors are.

If you are looking for a unique design, we adore the iridescent Hober-1 product.


Perhaps the main function of a hoverboard is to travel in a fun and stylish way. As a result, kids will want a hoverboard that goes really fast.

At the same time, it is important that they are not allowed to go too fast. Otherwise, they could injure themselves.

As a result, you will need to think about what the ideal speed of the hoverboard is.

The top speed of products tends to range from between 6 and 10 mph.

If you are afraid of your child going too fast, you can invest in a hoverboard that will let you know when they are approaching the top speed. 

An excellent example of this is the Fanfastic hoverboard, which has a nifty deceleration feature. Meanwhile, the EPCTEK has a useful over-speed function that will be ideal for parents wanting to stop their kids from speeding.


When it comes to your kids, their safety is likely one of the most important priorities.

Though hoverboards are far from dangerous devices, there is still a chance that your little ones can injure themselves on them. 

To stop this issue, you should invest in a hoverboard that has features that will prevent injuries. For example, the anti-slip and anti-skid capabilities of the EPCTEK hoverboard will be desirable.

Battery Life

Ideally, a hoverboard should have long battery life. If not, you will need to recharge it all the time. This will limit its usability, as you will need to leave it charging.

To prevent this from happening, you should locate a hoverboard with a battery life that spans a few hours.

If you are concerned about forgetting to recharge the model, you should invest in one that notifies the user when it is low in battery. 

For instance, it may have a light that will activate when the hoverboard needs charging.


A lot of hoverboards aimed at kids come with speakers, thus allowing them to connect to devices via Bluetooth.

They can then play their favorite songs adding to the enjoyment. Kids can play some fun music as they ride. Sadly, not all hoverboards have this feature.

If you think that your kid will be delighted by this feature, you should look for a hoverboard that comes with built-in speakers. Though you may have to pay a little extra to obtain these products, there are plenty to choose from.

Plus, they are still quite affordable. As you can observe from the products above, even some of the cheaper hoverboards utilize speakers.


It can be hard to determine whether a hoverboard is sturdy without using it. Regardless, you will want to invest in one that seems strong. If not, the hoverboard may break after a short amount of time.

You will need to replace the unit, thus spending more time and money on the purchase. To stop this, look for a hoverboard that has been constructed from durable materials.

Ease Of Use

The last key factor you will need to consider, when purchasing the best hoverboard for kids is how straightforward a hoverboard is to use. You should avoid models that seem difficult to use, as they will likely require a lot of setup.

This will be particularly important if you are not very tech-savvy.

Though it can be hard to determine whether an item is easy to use, you can consult user reviews. 

While they can be quite biased, it is a great way of seeing whether customers found the experience to be simple or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hoverboards Safe For 8-Year-Olds?

Most hoverboards are safe for children. All of the items in this list are suitable for kids of this age.

A lot of them use features that are designed to make them safer for kids. However, you may want to supervise your child if they are of this age.

Some hoverboard brands do not recommend using them until the child is thirteen years old. In this case. In this case, it may be a good idea to listen to the brand’s advice. 

Will Hoverboards Damage Hardwood Floors?

No, hoverboards should not damage hardwood floors. Unless the user manages to fall onto the hardwood floor, it is unlikely that it will be harmed. 

Can You Ride A Hoverboard In The Rain?

It is not the best idea to ride a hoverboard in the rain. Most hoverboards are not designed to be used in the rain and so may break.

Plus, you could injure yourself on wet surfaces.

Hoverboards that are waterproof will fare a lot better, though it is still not the safest idea to ride in the rain. Instead, you should just wait until you have a day of dry weather.

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