Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Scooter?

Is it possible to ride an electric scooter without a license, or do they require a special license like a motorcycle?

As with most such questions, the answer is “it depends,” but in many cases, the answer is “yes!“yes!“yes!.”

Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Scooter

Micro-mobility has a number of advantages as a form of transportation, particularly in communities where transportation for all is a priority, as well as communities that maximize for successfully moving people throughout our world as opposed to relying on automobiles.

Getting through the traffic on an electric scooter is a fast and trendy way nowadays. The scooters are small, fast, and quite thrilling to ride outdoors.

As an alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles, electric scooters are gaining popularity. As well as being greener, they’re also less expensive to run since they only take a few hours to charge.

This article explores the big question: ‘Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Scooter?’

What Is An Electric Scooter?

Before we discuss the question ‘Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Scooter?’, we should first know what a motorized electric scooter is.

In the context of motorized electric scooters, a folding scooter can be grouped with a bigger engine and a bigger battery, or it can be a seated scooter with two wheels.

“Motorized scooters” are defined under California law as two-wheeled devices with handlebars, a floorboard designed to be stood on while riding and powered by an electric motor.

In contrast, other small motorized vehicles are classified as motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized bicycles based on their structure, weight, and motor size.

Do You Need A License to Drive A Scooter In The US?

So, Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Scooter in the US? No, generally speaking, you will not need a license to drive a motorized scooter in the majority of US states.

Scooter License In The US

Where you’ll be riding your scooter determines whether or not you’ll need a driver’s license.

As of today, every state in the United States and numerous countries and areas throughout the world have developed their own legal frameworks governing electric scooters.

This mode of transportation didn’t exist as a viable alternative just a few years ago.

Despite the fact that e-scooter laws are becoming more common in the United States and electric scooter laws are becoming more uniform across the country, there are still a few differences from state to state.

Except for California, most states do not require a driver’s license to operate an electric scooter, but before buying or leasing one, be sure to check your local laws.

Scooter Law In New York

The scooter law makes e-scooters a particularly convenient option for New Yorkers who don’t drive or don’t need a driver’s license.

New York allows electric scooters with a top speed of no more than 20 mph to be driven on roads and bike lanes.

Furthermore, scooters are classified as Class C vehicles, meaning that a driver’s license is not required to operate one.

Scooter Law In California

Other states do not have regulations as comprehensive as California’s for electric scooters.

California law requires that riders of electric scooters have a valid driver’s license and that they do not exceed 15 mph.

Laws In Other States

Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Scooter in other states? The answer as to whether you will need a driver’s license in other regions is mostly dependent on how your state classifies electric scooters, which can vary significantly.

Scooters are often lumped in with mopeds and other street-legal vehicles that require a valid driver’s license to operate in some areas.

However, some states lumpe electric scooters in with electric bicycles, which can be operated without a driver’s license.

In order to be safe, ride hailing firms such as Bird and Lime usually require that their customers be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license, but these are company standards, not state or federal laws.

Scooter Laws In Other Countries

As we have primarily discussed the laws in the US, here is how the laws differ in some other countries.

Scooter Law In Japan

The scooter restrictions are fairly stringent in Japan. Scooter riders need to have a valid motorcycle license in addition to license plates, insurance and registration.

Scooter Law In Australia

The laws of Australia are different from state to state and territory to territory. In order to ride an electric scooter in Victoria or Queensland, you’re required to have a license.

Scooter Law In Canada

As with most countries, scooter rules in Canada will differ by province, city and state. In most states you do not need a license but there are age requirements.

Final Thoughts

Although this article has listed the current restrictions, the government’s attitude towards electric scooters is constantly changing.

Governments adore how they use human-sized and electric vehicles to meet fair mobility goals.

This means that the legislation governing the use of electric scooters is constantly changing which is something to look out for.

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