Electric Go Kart Cost

Over the years electric go karts have become much more popular than traditional gas powered ones. The reason for this is normally because they can accelerate at a much quicker rate. Making them a little faster than the traditional styled go kart. In this article, we will be exploring electric go kart costs.

Electric go karts will also provide you with much more handling because the weight is more evenly distributed this makes it easier to take corners at a faster pace.

Electric Go Kart Cost

 There are lots of things that you will need to consider when you want to buy an electric go kart, one of those being the cost. Obviously they are not cheap but if you want to take go karting seriously or you already do it very regularly then it could be something of an idea for you to purchase your own. 

 A few other things that you will need to consider when selecting the perfect electric go kart for you is the performance of it. This determines how well the go kart will perform in comparison to what you are spending on it.

You will also need to ensure that the go kart is in fact big enough for you so that you can feel comfortable when you are using it.

So, let’s look into electric go kart costs!

The Cost Of An Electric Go Kart

One of the most important things that you will need to consider when looking for an electric go kart is the cost. The price can be determined by what the go kart offers you in terms of the performance of the go kart,  to the design, to the features that the go kart offers.

If you are new to go karting and don’t really care for specific things then you can probably find an electric go kart that is perfect for you at around $8000. 

 If you want a higher powered one that offers you a lot more kick then you will have to spend a fair amount more. A pro electric go kart that has lots of custom features and different types of upgrades can set you back around $12000.

This can vary based upon the performance that is offered to you by the go kart as well as the customizable features that you would like, whether that be adjustable seats for comfort or perhaps custom decals along the go kart.

All of this is relevant in terms of the final cost but realistically $12000 should be enough to find what you are looking for/

Performance Of The Go Kart

Electric Go Kart Cost

Now we’ve looked at electric go kart costs, let’s look into their performance.

This should be one of the most important things that you are considering before making your decision on an electric go kart that is right for you and can impact the electric go kart costs.

You should check what motor is offered as well as the battery and also the set up of the controller will be very important to how well the go kart can perform for you.

You will need to determine whether you would like to race casually or professionally as this will have a massive impact on the overall price of the go kart. 

 Electric go karts will have a more powerful motor compared to ones that you can rent. This is due to the fact that they are centred to be able to reach their top speed at a much quicker rate.

They will also offer much better handling than a rental go kart because they are much more balanced. This can save you lots of time on your laps because you will not have to slow as much to take a corner.

Handling can make a lot of difference to the performance of the electric go kart but that is why they can be much more expensive.

Size Of The Go Kart

Electric go karts also come in many different sizes which will also impact the electric go kart costs. They are normally 70 X 55 inches.

It is one of the most important things when in terms of a go kart that it is big enough for you to feel comfortable in when you’re racing around the track.

If the actual go kart is not big enough for you to sit comfortably in it then it can make it an incredibly underperforming go kart so getting the right size for you is highly important.

 Luckily many go karts on the market will have seats that are adjustable, they will also have steering wheels that can also be adjusted.

This essentially means that you can adjust it to fit your size and feel most comfortable. The average person is between 5ft and 6” and 6ft and 2” then the size of the go kart should not be of a concern to you.

Though if you’re smaller than that then perhaps a youth go kart is the best option for you in terms of finding comfort and reducing electric go kart costs.

In Conclusion 

There are lots of different things that can impact the overall electric go kart costs, whether that be the size of it or or how well it performs. Realistically speaking you should look to pay between $8000 and $12000 for a high performing electric go kart.

But you will need to consider what you are using the go kart for, whether that be more casual or if you are going to be taking racing more seriously as this will impact the electric go kart costs.

  If that is the case then you should look to spending a little more on the go kart to ensure that it is a better performing one. The size will also come into play with the cost, the bigger the go kart is the more money it will cost.

The reason that electric go karts will be very expensive is because they will have better handling as they are more easily balanced which can cut down your track time massively.

This is because you will not need to slow down as much to take a corner that can save you lots of time. If you are considering taking racing more seriously then it is better to own rather than rent one.

We hope this guide helped explain electric go kart costs!

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