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Electric mopeds can be not just extremely practical, but extremely fun too! If you’re interested in them, you may well be wondering just what sort of price you would expect to pay for an electric moped. Well, great news – as this article has all the answers you’re looking for when looking at electric moped costs!

electric moped cost

What Does an Electric Moped Cost?

So let’s look into electric moped costs!

Mopeds have been an extremely popular type of small motorbike in European cities for many decades now. They’re extremely small and compact, as well as lightweight and maneuverable..

They are absolutely perfect for European cities. as they are often built with much narrower and tighter Street layouts. The street layouts of many European cities let the moped take full advantage of its small size and extreme maneuverability – and make the moped an extremely practical choice for many riders.

However, they are fantastic things to ride no matter where you are. Compared to larger motorbikes they are cheaper to purchase, cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain – as well as taking up far less space, which can make parking and storage much easier.

It’s for these reasons and many more that they’re popular not just in Europe, but across the entire planet. For a long time now the moped has provided an inexpensive and easy way for many people to travel.

And of course, don’t forget that they can be extremely fun to ride too! After all they are essentially motorbikes in a smaller frame, and offer a lot of the fun experience that riding a motorbike provides!

Of course it’s fair to say that petrol-powered engines are becoming something of an anachronism, with manufacturers of many new vehicles choosing to use electric power instead.

This is possible because of modern battery technologies that are able to store and provide an exceptional amount of power to electric motors in a much more compact and lightweight size than was previously possible.

This is one of the reasons why electric-powered vehicles are becoming so ubiquitous in recent years. And of course they are especially great for bikes as their relatively light size and weight compared to petrol power systems make them perfect for riders seeking a more lightweight option – and of course, this light weight also matches with the maneuverability that you expect out of a bike.

If you are in the market for a new electric moped, you may well be wondering just how much money an electric moped costs. Electric moped costs can seem to range quite a bit and it can be hard to know exactly what the right price is for an electric moped.

In general, electric moped costs for adults tend to be anywhere between $2000 to upwards of $5,000. That’s for a new moped of course.

If you’re after something for your kids, of course, then requirements are obviously going to be quite a bit different – and you can get many cool little electric mopeds that are perfect for kids to ride on for around $400-$500.

But when it comes to electric moped costs for adults, serious prices start around the $2,000 range. That doesn’t of course mean that you can’t find something a little less expensive than that brand new – but for the most part, you’ll be looking at around the $2,000 and upwards price range for your electric moped.

Having such a wide price range of course makes it extremely difficult to know exactly how much you should spend. The truth is, the price you should personally pay for your electric moped depends on various factors.

What Makes Some Electric Mopeds More Expensive?

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There are actually quite a few different factors that go into determining exactly what makes each individual electric moped cost different from another. Let’s have a look at a few of these factors!

One thing that’s inescapable about the modern world is that sometimes you just end up having to pay more for the name on the label. This is certainly true when it comes to purchasing a new electric moped.

Some brand names such as Vespa for example just have more cachet than other brands. Vespa is a particularly notable example as they are one one of most well-known producers of mopeds that has ever existed on the planet.

They have a proven track record of producing fantastic mopeds that goes back decades which of course means that they have been able to transfer this knowledge over to their electric moped division.

Of course, this means that they are able to charge a premium not only for their knowledge but for the prestige that decades of experience building mopeds has given to the name Vespa.

So of course it’s probably fair to say that in many respects Vespa has earned the right to charge a premium for their product. And of course Vespa is just used as an example here – they are by no means the only manufacturer that can lean on their heritage in order to to charge a premium for their products.

It’s just important to remember that sometimes the name simply costs you a little extra. There are definitely many other fine bikes that you can get, so if you’re perhaps after spending a little less money, some research may well help you to save a lot, even if it means going with a less well-known manufacturer!

One of the trade-offs of course going with a less well-known manufacturer is that servicing and maintenance may be more difficult. If you think about your electric moped just as if it were any other vehicle, this makes sense.

For example, some cars just cost less than others – but part of the trade off of them costing less means that they’re more difficult to repair, more difficult to maintain, and you may have difficulties sourcing parts and components for them.

And of course, some more expensive electric mopeds may well simply be far better equipped than cheaper models. They will have a lot of useful modern equipment such as GPS and Bluetooth, and may well have improved battery life. Overall power distribution may also well be superior.

As mentioned before, you may find that maintenance and repair can be easier on a moped with a well-known brand name. And, of course, spending more money can mean that the build quality of your purchase is going to be higher than one that’s less expensive.

Not always, of course – but quite often the rule is true that you get what you pay for.

And of course let’s not pretend that this isn’t somewhat important – more expensive bikes may well look better. It’s unfortunate, but some of the more expensive electric mopeds are actually also some of the more attractive ones.

The look of a moped isn’t the most significant thing – but it would be foolish to pretend but it isn’t an important factor when you’re choosing one.

This can also be true when it comes to comfort. Some of the more expensive electric mopeds may well be far more comfortable to ride. This is important, as longer journeys on the moped may become unpleasant if it isn’t comfortable to ride.


Hopefully this article has helped you to learn everything you need to know about electric moped costs!

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