Electric Unicycle Prices

Getting around town by electric means is becoming increasingly popular in America each year. Electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric skateboards can be super convenient ways of commuting through an urban environment. Skipping the traffic, and the need for fuel also makes them great for you and great for the environment. Electric unicycle prices are to be considered when deciding whether to have a ride.

However, there’s one electric vehicle that may be new to the scene but is already making a huge noise and that is the electric unicycle. Their compact nature makes them very practical for office workers as they can be picked up and whisked into work without a worry or thought about it.

In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the weird, fun, and wonderful world of electric unicycles. We will also showcase three current models and the electric unicycle prices so that you are in the know on whether the electric-powered juice is worth the squeeze to your back pocket.

Electric Unicycle Prices

What is An Electric Unicycle?

Before we look into electric unicycle prices, let’s explore what they are. You may have seen a few electric unicycles zipping around your local area and thought, they look fun, but could I ride one? Fortunately for you and us, electric unicycles are a whole lot easier to ride than they look. Unlike traditional unicycles which are only for very committed people and circus clowns, electric unicycles don’t require extreme levels of balance to ride.

They are single-wheeled, this is true, but they are also self-balancing, which means that once you get up and riding on an electric unicycle, it will feel solid underfoot. They use a gyro-stabilization method of keeping riders balanced which heavily reduces the chance of taking unexpected tumbles.

This system is why they are sometimes referred to as SBUs (self-balancing unicycles) too. Their wheel is propelled by a battery-powered motor which allows riders to cover great distances without breaking a sweat.

How Hard is an Electric Unicycle to Ride?

Like everything that is new to you, electric unicycles aren’t something that you hop onto and ride perfectly the first time, they take practice. However, and as we’ve already mentioned, they are a whole lot easier to ride than a traditional unicycle. Which, if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying to cycle, can be considered extremely difficult.

Where electric unicycles are concerned, it’s all about learning to balance the unicycle’s wheel in the lateral plane. To practice, we suggest finding a wide-open space with flat ground and starting your quest there.

Don’t plan to buy your unicycle on the weekend and commute to work the following Monday, it just doesn’t happen. Reaching speeds of up to 60mph with an average range of 75 miles, these high-powered machines are not a joke or a toy, and they should be respected accordingly.

If you give your electric unicycle the respect it deserves and start slowly, building your skills and confidence as you go, then there’s no reason why you won’t be able to master riding your electric unicycle. And like riding a bike, once you learn the electric unicycle-riding ropes, it will stay with you, you can’t unlearn this skill.

How Much Do Electric Unicycles Cost?

The big question now isn’t whether an electric unicycle is right for you, it’s which unicycle is the right choice for you, and how much is it going to cost? There are many electric unicycle models out there, each with its own list of pros and cons that suit different people’s needs best.

Some are built light to make carrying them a breeze. There are other models with powerful batteries that give riders increased travel distance, while there are even some electric unicycles that are geared toward off-road riding.

Each type of unicycle has its own price point, but in general, you should expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $4000 for a new electric unicycle.

We’ve listed a few examples of the latest electric unicycle models currently being offered right here in America. We’ve ensured to include unicycles at both ends of the pricing spectrum so that everyone interested in owning their own electric unicycle can be reaping its rewards very soon.  Let’s look into the electric unicycle prices!


Gotway MTen3 10” Electric Unicycle – $1,299

Gotway MTen3 10” Electric Unicycle1

At $1,299, the Gotway MTen3 is a budget-friendly unicycle to get you rolling for less. When folded, it measures just 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height), which makes it super compact, and therefore practical.

The MTen3, unsurprisingly, weighs very little too, weighing in at just 22lbs. Its size and weight combined are what make the MTen3 so ideal for inner-city riding. Anyone who lives in an apartment block and works in an office will benefit from the MTen3.

With a top speed of 23mph, it’s certainly not the speediest electric unicycle on the market. However, for its price, this is a very functional machine that offers people a fun and engaging way of cruising their streets.


InMotion V12 Electric Unicycle – $2,799

InMotion V12 Electric Unicycle

InMotion is known in the electric unicycle industry for its ingenuity where design and construction are concerned, and the V12 is a shining example of this.

Not only does the 2,500W motor help the V12 exceed 40mph to give you a fast and whippy riding experience, but its unique functions in design are really something. Built into the wheel is a color touchscreen capacitance display, as well as four Bluetooth speakers and a funky LED lighting system.

Helping you to be seen by other road and pathway users on top of standing out from the regular unicycle crowd, the V12 is a powerhouse electric unicycle that deserves your attention first, and everyone else’s second.


Veteran Sherman 20” Electric Unicycle

Veteran Sherman 20” Electric Unicycle

The Veteran Sherman is a premium, power-orientated unicycle through and through. Throwing the weight-watching idea out the window, this beefed-up 20” unicycle is packing 77lbs under its hood.

The high-powered 100.8V battery coupled with a 2500W motor are the two main reasons for this weight, but when you consider its range and max speed everything starts to make sense.

Topping out at a staggering 61mph and with a range of up to 130 miles, this is a seriously powerful machine that should not be stepped onto without some prior electric unicycle experience.

If you have that experience, and you’re looking to cover long distances every day in a convincing kind of way, then the Veteran Sherman is your dream unicycle, it’s that simple.


As you can see from the three electric unicycles that we featured in this article, there is no such thing as a blanket price for these terrific tools of transportation.

However, factoring in how often you’re looking to use your unicycle will help you to determine whether forking out for a premium product is worth it or not. We hope this article has helped you understand electric unicycle prices and  soon-to-be riding quest.

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