How Fast Does a Segway Go?

A segway is a mode of transport that is very popular to use on tours. It has 2 wheels and moves however you distribute your weight so you are in full control of the vehicle. To move the segway forwards, you just have to lean forward, it’s as simple as that! As the segway has become such a popular mode of transport, how fast does a segway go?

You may have seen people driving a segway in the street or maybe you’ve seen videos online and always wanted to give them a go, but how quickly can they get you to your destination?

We have all the information for you about how fast a segway can go and see if they are the right choice of transport for you if you are looking for fun and a quick trip!

If you want to know how fast does a segway go, find out all the information below!

What Can You Use a Segway For?

Before we look into how fast does a segway go, let’s explore what you can use a segway for.

You can use a segway for a lot of different activities, both for fun and in a work environment. Using a segway for sightseeing has become very popular as you can save a lot of energy by using a segway instead of walking around a city.

Segway polo has also been introduced where the players ride on a segway instead of a horse which makes the segway even more versatile than we thought!

Work environments have also been known to bring in the use of a segway as a mode of transport. Police officers can be seen driving a segway when patrolling the streets and the use of the segway has even been brought into offices so that workers can easily get around.

How Fast Can a Segway Go?

Now, let’s answer the big question: How Fast Does a Segway Go?

If you are nervous about driving a segway for the first time, there isn’t any need to worry about high speed and losing control.

The minimum speed a segway can go is 6mph so that you can get to grips with how the segway works and learn to be in control of your segway before increasing the speed. 

The maximum speed that a standard segway can drive at is 12.5mph. Although this doesn’t seem like a high speed, a segway is designed to be driven in urban areas, so there would be no use in making them so fast that they end up causing problems in people’s daily lives. 

Although it would be handy for a segway to drive faster than 12.5mph, remember that the segway has no doors or protective shields for if there is an injury, so 12.5mph allows you to be in control without causing danger for yourself. Any faster and you could lose control of the segway and cause yourself harm. 

Why Doesn’t the Segway Go Faster?

As the segway was designed to be driven in urban areas, it would be impossible to increase the speed of the segway to 50mph as it would become extremely unsafe for both the driver and pedestrians.

Although it is recommended that you wear a helmet and protective equipment when driving a segway, this would not be enough to protect you if you fell off the segway at 50mph. 

When driving the segway, lots of people say that 12.5mph seems very fast. This is because you are in the open air when you are driving it and you are fully in control of your movements. Therefore, driving the segway is faster than walking but not as quick getting you to your destination as a car would be (unless there is traffic!). 

If I Keep Leaning Forward, Can I Increase the Speed?


No, if you keep leaning forwards on the segway, the speed will not increase. If the segway was about to go over the limit of 12.5mph, there is a tilt-back safety feature installed in the segway to automatically tilt the segway back to remain at its speed limit. 

Although you may want the segway to go faster, the speed limit is there for your safety. Any faster and there is a danger that you could lose control of the segway and cause injuries to yourself or others. 

Is a Hoverboard Faster Than a Segway? 

A segway is usually faster than a hoverboard as there are more safety precautions put in place on a segway to help you steer and keep yourself stable and safe. As the segway has handles to help you control the speed you are driving at, hoverboards solely rely on your body movements to control the board. 

Most hoverboards reach up to 10mph, so the segway is actually faster than the majority of hoverboards. Hoverboards rarely have a maximum speed exceeding 10mph for the same reason as the segway, as you need to be safe when riding the hoverboard.

Exceeding a speed of over 10mph may cause instability and loss of control when driving which could pose danger to yourself and others. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the maximum speed that the segway is able to reach is 12.5mph, which may not seem like a lot, but it is fast enough to be used in urban areas.

As the segway was designed to replace walking, the segway is able to take you to places faster than walking would while keeping you at a safe speed so that you cannot cause injuries to yourself or others. 

You must drive a segway with caution as you are in control of the vehicle. As the segway takes direction from your movements, it is important that you remain focused and in control the whole time.

You can use the segway for lots of different activities and most importantly, they can add some much-needed fun to your daily routine!

Although some people would want the segway to go faster, this may not be the case when you begin driving one. Any faster than 12.5mph and you could lose control, so instead, the maximum speed allows you to stay safe and enjoy the segway ride!

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