How Much Are Bird Scooters?

Bird Scooters offer an easy and reliable way to get around without having to drive. These scooters can be found in all major cities in the US, and even some in Europe! The goal for Bird Scooters is to change that way that people commute, and it seems to be working.

One thing that a lot of people might initially worry about is the price of these scooters. We want to take some of that stress off and put together a post to help you understand this.

How Much Are Bird Scooters

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at the pricing of Bird Scooters, and it will not be the same in every city.

Prices of these scooters can vary a lot from city to city, depending on fees and the popularity of the scooter. As a general rule, larger cities are likely to charge more. If you want to learn more about the break-down of costing, keep reading to find out.

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NOTE: Prices may have been updated since the time of writing this article.

What Is A Bird Scooter

Before we jump into How Much Are Bird Scooters?, let’s find out a little more about what a Bird Scooter is. Bird Scooter is the name of a company that started out in 2018. Like any transportation company, Bird is not free.

There are a number of costs that are factored in when you decide to rent one of these scooters, but they are a more economical way of getting around.

Bird Scooter Costs

Now, let’s answer the important question: ‘How Much Are Bird Scooters?’

As mentioned, there are several things that are taken into account when looking at the costing of Bird scooters. We will break them down below and have a look at some scenarios and how much they would cost you.

Simply put, however, there is an unlocking fee, per-minute fee, and any other fees you might have to pay if problems occur.

Like other transport companies, payment for Bird scooters happens via the app. When you download the app, you will need to enter your credit card information so that you can use it.

When you have completed a ride, the money is then withdrawn from your account, so you do not have to work it out yourself.

The Unlocking Or Base Fee

Before you are able to ride your rented Bird scooter anywhere, you will need to pay an unlocking fee. This fee typically stays the same no matter what city you are in, so it should not be an issue. Unlocking fees are usually just $1.

Per-Minute Fee

Depending on which city you live in, you may have to pay a different per-minute fee. These fees average out to 15 cents, but some cities’ per-minute fees can be double that. These fees consequently change the answer to ‘How Much Are Bird Scooters?’

Here is a list of some other costs that you may incur while renting your Bird scooter:

  • Lost or stolen – if the scooter is not returned in 48 hours, the company will consider it lost or stolen – up to $500 and a police report might be filed
  • Not returned – if the scooter is not considered lost or stolen, but you do not return it after 24 hours – charged $25
  • The pickup fee – if you ended your ride on private property where there is no charger or rider to locate your scooter and a Bird employee has to collect it – up to $120

Trip Expenses

Although trip prices will vary depending on how long you need your scooter for, there is an average number to look at. Typically, renters will rent the scooter for about 15 minutes for every trip they take.

When you take the unlocking fee ($1) into account, the price of the trip will usually end up costing around $3.25.

Since the per-minute cost of Bird scooters can vary from city to city, however, the trip could cost more for the same amount of time.

Your location can be a big factor to consider when you are thinking about renting one of these scooters, since you would pay more or less than 15 cents per-minute.

If you were to rent the scooter for one hour at a rate of 15 cents a minute, it would cost you $10, if no additional fees were incurred.

Price Comparison In Cities

Price Comparison In Cities

Los Angeles, California – per-minute rate = 25 cents

  • 15-minute ride – $4.75
  • 30-minute ride – $9.50
  • 1-hour ride – $16.00

Denver, Colorado – per-minute rate = 15 cents

  • 15-minute ride – $3.25
  • 30-minute ride – $6.50
  • 1-hour ride – $10.00

Are Bird Scooters Worth it?

Bird scooters are not the only electronic scooter company out there that offer transportation. There are a number of other companies such as Lime and Spin scooters that are available in cities across the United States.

However, there are some small differences in the prices of these transportation companies, especially in bigger cities.

Although the pricing between the three companies are similar, it may end up being cheaper to rent Spin scooters in large cities compared to Bird. In smaller cities, however, there is unlikely to be any differences in the prices of these three transportation companies.

When comparing prices, it is also important to look at the services offered by companies such as Uber Ride Sharing. While Uber has a minimum fee of $4.85 no matter the trip length, it may end up being more cost effective in the long run.

With Bird scooters, there is only the unlocking fee and per-minute rate, but it is likely to take you longer to get anywhere on a scooter because of the maximum speed it can go (around 18 miles per hour, but you are unlikely to ride this fast everywhere).

There are a few others things to consider when looking at Uber and Bird. There is the laid-back nature of getting an Uber, since you do not have to do anything once you get in the car.

With Bird, on the other hand, you are required to be alert and active on your way to your location. Because of this, Bird may not always be a good option. Additionally, the amount of time it may take you to get to your location may result in a higher final fee compared to Uber.

With that being said, the Bird scooter may be beneficial for you if you have the idea of climbing into a stranger’s car. This mode of travel may make you feel more safe and in control.

Despite this, there is certainly always a time for both Uber and Bird scooters, but it will depend on your circumstances. In many cases, getting an Uber may be more worth it because of how straightforward it is, but Bird scooters certainly has its benefits, too.

Final Thoughts

Bird Scooters are a great way to get around the city in an economical and fun way, but they do have their downfalls. There may be additional fees to pay if things do not go right, and you need to consider the cost of getting around.

This new concept is one that everyone should try out at least once (and make sure you read all the rules set out first). If you can learn to be a pro at Bird and find a more economical and free way to get around the city, it’s worth the try. You never know if you will like it more than driving!

We hope this breakdown of ‘How Much Are Bird Scooters?’ was useful!

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