How Much Does An E-Bike Cost

Many factors determine the electric bike cost. The most common bikes on the market can cost anywhere between $400 to $3,000 (with the highest end products reaching over $10,00.

E-bikes are everywhere at the moment and are causing something of a revolution in the cycling industry. It’s no surprise that bikes capable of the speed, power, and utility that E-bikes provide are proving popular, as cycling is a fairly difficult activity that can put a lot of strain on riders. The different abilities each bike has impacts the E-Bike cost.

Being able to make the morning commute easier, or that ride back up to the top of the bike trail a little easier is a huge boon to cyclists and makes cycling that little bit more enjoyable and fun, taking out a little of the strain when you find yourself tiring or struggling on particularly steep or long rides.

But while E-bikes certainly have many benefits for even the average rider, there are some downsides to them, one of the main ones being the e-bike cost.

How Much Does An E-Bike Cost

Naturally, E-bikes are a little more complex than the standard pushbike, as there are extra parts such as batteries, motors, and sometimes even displays which all add additional areas of complexity as well as potential faults that can occur, all of which can make E-bikes both more expensive to buy and more expensive to maintain.

In this guide, we’re going to look at how much E-bikes cost, as well as other important factors such as the value they provide, why they are more expensive and questions about maintenance to ensure that you can understand all these factors before you make a decision to buy one of these bikes.

But first, let’s discuss E-bike costs.

How Much Does An E-Bike Cost?

There are varying styles of E-bikes and of course, there are more expensive and cheaper versions available to provide people with an array of options to fit all sorts of budgets. Of course, these variations impact the E-Bike cost.

When looking at E-Bike costs of between 6 to 800 dollar mark, you will be able to find a functional E-bike that is fine for shorter journeys on flatter terrain. These bikes are often cheaper and use less reliable parts, however, they can help get you used to E-bikes and what they offer if you’re unsure about them.

Sadly, these bikes won’t be the most reliable and will use batteries that aren’t as reliable or long-lasting, as well as motors that aren’t as powerful or easy to use.

Generally, these bikes won’t last as long as more expensive options, however, they can take some of the burdens off you when cycling in your local area, just make sure not to ride these bikes too hard and expect them to have some issues if pushed too hard.

When looking at e-bike costs around the 1000 to 1500 dollar mark, you will find a sweet spot of performance, power, and reliability, with some awesome options available and some more powerful bikes capable of taking you that little bit further and handling more varied terrain and weather conditions.

E-bike costs around the 2000 dollar to 5000 dollar mark is the area where the top of the range E-bikes can be found, and where you’re likely to get the most power and performance, as well as bikes perfectly suited to your needs whether its a light and comfortable commuter packing a ton of power or a nimble mountain bike with the juice and strength to tackle all sorts of difficult terrain and conditions.

These bikes are of course much more expensive, but they are highly specialized and optimized and will generally last far longer if looked after correctly.

There’s a wide range of electric bikes on the market, and while they used to be considerably expensive across the board, there are now far more affordable electric bikes for the average consumer. Compared to even as little as two years ago, electric bikes are surprisingly affordable. This begs the question, how much does an E-bike cost?

The Cost Of Electric Bikes – Examples

When it comes to the electric bike cost, you need to know the difference between each type of eBike. These include the electric hybrid, the electric road bike, the electric mountain bike, and the folding electric bike.

Electric Hybrid Bike

An electric hybrid bike is a regular bike that has an electric motor to assist with your pedaling. For a good quality electric hybrid, you’re probably going to be looking at least 1,090 US dollars (or £800).

For the higher quality bikes, you’ll be looking at closer to between $1,360 (£1,000) and $2,050 (£1500). You don’t need to splash out this much cash, but the bikes offered at such prices are likely to last you longer. 

Electric Road Bike

The electric road bike is a bike that’s purely electric, and will cost quite a bit more than electric hybrid bikes. This tends to be because they’re made by top-of-the-line manufacturers.

The lower end for electric road bikes (which, we should stress, are still likely to be very high quality) is around $3000 (or £2,200). The best electric road bikes are going to cost you closer to $5,450 (or £4,000). 

The most expensive electric road bikes, like the Bianchi Impulso e-Road or the Cube Agree Hybrid C:62, should last you years with minimal issues. 

Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for an electric bike that does a little more, you might want to consider the electric mountain bike. This is a bike that will make it far easier to traverse uneven, hilly terrain.

For a decent electric mountain bike, you’ll usually be looking at somewhere between $4,100 (or £3,000) to $6,800 (or £5,000). Among the best on the market are the Cannondale Moterra LT and the Powerfly9 LT Plus

A lot of the best electric mountain bikes will offer electric assistance and full suspension, which works wonders for traction and stability, especially on trails. All of these factors add to the lifespan of the bike, meaning it’s likely to last you longer than other kinds of electric bikes. 

Folding Electric Bike

This one is a handy alternative if you’re going to be commuting to work and won’t be able to store a full bike anywhere, or if you’re regularly riding the train with your bike.

There’s a wide range of electric bike cost when it comes to this kind of electric bike, starting at $690 (or £500) for the lower end bikes and as much as $3,500 (or £2,595) for the best quality bikes. Even the cheapest folding bikes tend to be reliable, though- the Apollo Transport, for example. 

What Factors Affect The Price Of Electric Bikes?

The components of electric bikes can vastly change the price point. Factors like motor and battery performance will make the difference between a lower end bike and a luxury bike. 


One of the main things that affect an electric bike’s price is its riding range, which is represented by the battery capacity in watt-hours. The average capacity for any given road electric bike is 250 watt-hours; this will be the riding range of most mid-range models. 

Some manufacturers allow the riding range of their bikes to be boosted by the user with extra batteries, which would be attached externally. Naturally, this increases the electric bike cost. In most countries the maximum watt-hour count is 750.

It’s worth noting that riding range isn’t solely determined by the capacity of the bike’s battery. Other factors are taken into account, like the terrain, the temperature, tire treads and tire pressure, air resistance, and the biker’s weight.

Because of all these factors, it may be that a bike won’t end up having quite the riding range that the battery claims to provide. 


Whether you prefer a heavier electric bike or a lighter one, it’s really down to personal preference. But when it comes to the priciest bikes, you’ll notice that the majority strike a balance between heavy and light.

The weight of the bike and the weight of the battery don’t have much impact on the riding range of the bike, but lighter bikes still tend to be more popular, meaning that lighter electric bikes cost more than heavier ones. 

Motor And Torque

The motor of an electric bike will determine drive systems, and it can also influence the weight of the bike. The latter point is why most companies make their motors as light as possible, which, as we’ve established, raises the electric bike cost. 

The torque, which is measured in watts, is how much support the bike’s rider will be receiving when they pedal. Some bikes offer full support, meaning riders will easily be able to ascend steep slopes and pick up speed. Bikes with full support are likely to be pricey than those without. 

Other bikes will have the option of full support but also have the option to adjust this, so they can go it on their own if they so choose. In some cases, these bikes are even more expensive than bikes that offer full support.

Additional Costs

The quality of the bike itself is not the only factor you have to consider when in the market for an electric bike- there’s more to the cost than the price tag.

You also have to consider maintenance costs, which are likely to be more expensive than the maintenance costs for a normal bike (the problems of which you can often fix yourself). 

Charging is another cost, as well as the security measures you’re going to need to impose. If you’ve paid a pretty penny for an eBike, you’re going to want it to be as protected as it possibly could be. 

Why Are E-Bikes More Expensive?

While there are some budget options available, it’s true that you will usually get slightly fewer bikes for your money when buying an E-bike, and that they are more expensive than standard bikes.

So, why are E-bikes costs higher than regular bikes? This is because E-bikes have extra componentry to facilitate the power assistance or throttling that E-bikes provide, and as such this adds cost in componentry as well as the design of the bike.

Are E-Bikes Worth it?

Are E-Bikes Worth it

Now we’ve looked at E-bike costs, let’s see if they’re worth it.

It really depends on you and your needs.

If you’re young and fit and like your bike to be nimble, light and simple, then E-bikes may not be for you.

However, if you’re someone who wants to make cycling a little bit easier, have dodgy knees that need a little extra support, or just generally enjoy the comfort and additional power that E-bikes can provide, then they are most definitely worth it.

Even mountain bikers are becoming enamoured by the benefits of E-bikes as they can make slogging over rough terrain that little bit easier, and save your energy for the more fun downhill sections.

While there are some drawbacks to E-bikes, their benefits are enormous and most people who use them almost always find them to provide a hugely positive experience, so it may be worth giving one a try to see what all the fuss is about.

Do E-Bikes Require More Maintenance?

So now we’ve looked at E-bike costs and whether they are worth it, let’s delve into their maintenance.

Yes, E-bikes do require a little more maintenance than standard bikes as there are additional parts to look after and which can be damaged over time or by heavy use.

Batteries in particular need to be closely monitored, as well as the motor which can burn out over time.

E-bikes often require specialist servicing too, which can add extra costs, so this is definitely worth considering if cash is tight or you prefer to be able to service your own bike.

Are E-Bikes Reliable?

While the technology is in constant development, E-bikes are reliable and are only becoming more and more stable and reliable as the technology develops.

A well-looked after E-bike will seldom throw any issues your way, however, a poorly maintained one may be a little more trouble.

Final Thoughts

A bike’s riding range, weight, motor, and torque are what affects the electric bike cost, but in the long term you shouldn’t take this price at face value. There will be a number of additional electric bike costs, like battery replacement, charging, and maintenance.

Overall, E-bikes are most definitely the future of biking, as they allow us to ride further and faster, and as the technology advances these benefits will only become more and more apparent.

While push bikes will always have a special role to play, especially as a beginner, E-bikes open so many doors and make biking so much more powerful and enjoyable that the extra cost of buying a quality E-bike is almost always justified.

Just make sure you can afford to properly service your E-bike and insure it too, as they are prized possessions and need to be well looked after in order to get the best out of them.

We hope this guide helped to break down E-bike costs!

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