How Much Does An Electric Scooter Cost?

Electric scooters have risen in popularity in recent years – specifically due to advancements in lithium batteries and how electric scooters are now being used as shared transport in many major cities.

The rise in popularity is also attributed to the current shift to electric energy and greater awareness of sustainable, eco-friendly living.

Despite this, laws around electric scooters remain unclear, differing from country to country. This includes speed, minimum driver age, driving licenses, and where electric scooters are legal to ride, such as sidewalks.

Electric scooters are available to purchase, however.

And if you are thinking about buying an electric or scooter, or are just curious about how much electric scooters cost, we have all the details for you down below.

In this electric scooter guide, we go over what is classed as an electric scooter, the benefits of electric scooters, the electric scooter costs, and if electric scooters are legal.

What Is An E Scooter?

Before we look into electric scooter costs, what exactly is an electric scooter? Or, more specifically, what is classed as an e-scooter?

Electric scooters, also called e-scooters, specifically refer to motorized stand-up scooters with two wheels and an electric engine, for solo use or a single passenger only.

This means that electric scooters are not the same as electric motorcycles and electric mopeds, which are also referred to as electric scooters.

Depending on the country, electric scooters are classed as pedestrians, electric bicycles, light mopeds, two/three-wheeled vehicles, or powered transporters.

E-scooters are plug-in motorized vehicles with electric engines, charged by plugging them into electrical outlets. Electric scooters have an average speed of 15 mph, or 24 kph, with some electric scooters reaching top speeds of 30 mph, or 48 kph.

Electric scooters can be bought as privately owned vehicles, or rented as part of a shared transport system (scooter sharing system).

Benefits Of Electric Scooters

What are the benefits of e-scooters?

One of the reasons electric scooters are rising in popularity is due to the many benefits that e-scooters offer. Primary among the benefits of electric scooters is that they are electric. Electric scooters are economical and environmentally friendly, having a small carbon footprint.

Electric scooters are also simple to use for most people, requiring little to no effort, and can be far quicker than pushbikes, cars, and public transport as a means of getting about.

Summarized, the benefits of e-scooters are:

  • Economical 
  • Sustainable/environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Can be quicker in terms of transport
  • Generally low-maintenance

So, How Much Does An E Scooter Cost?

Here’s the big question, how much does an electric scooter cost? Electric scooter costs can be as low as $250 and as expensive as $2000, for a high-end electric scooter. On average, however, most e-scooters are priced at around $300 (for an adult electric scooter).

How much an electric scooter costs will depend on the quality of the e-scooter, including its material, wheels, battery, overall design, and brand. Some e-scooters offer lighter overall weight, better portability, better suspension, and even companion apps.

Some of the most popular e-scooter brands currently on the market include Xiaomi, Ninebot Segway, Razor, Unagi, Apollo, Glion, AER, and Pure Electric.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Which are the best electric scooters to buy? Now that you know how much the average electric scooter costs, which electric scooter should you buy? There are a few important factors to consider when buying an e-scooter. These include:

  • Price
  • Battery
  • Portability
  • Brand

Electric scooter costs will be the biggest factor when it comes to buying an e-scooter. Of course, the more you spend, the better the quality that you can expect in terms of its build, battery life, and overall riding experience.

Portability is another thing, ​​as some e-scooters are lighter than others, with greater portability in terms of how well it folds.

Unless you are looking to race your e-scooter on private land, speed is not a big factor, considering that most electric scooters will reach the average legal speed.

Lastly, the brand is also worth considering if you want an e-scooter of the highest quality, or want to make a statement when riding your e-scooter.

One of the biggest questions surrounding e-scooters is whether they are legal or not. E-scooters are relatively new and therefore the laws around riding e-scooters are not yet fully developed, unclear, or even non-existent.

The simple answer is that it depends on the country. And the laws may or may not include minimum age, a driving license, helmet use, speed limits, and where exactly you can ride your e-scooter.

In the USA, for example, there are state laws for electric scooters, despite there being no federal law, which differs from state to state. So, before you hop on your e-scooter, the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with e-scooter laws specific to your state.

Some countries, such as the UK, are still trialing electric scooters, in which case they are legal. Public use of privately owned e-scooters in all public areas, however, remains illegal in the UK.

Do You Need A Helmet For An Electric Scooter?

As mentioned above, laws around electric scooter differs from country to country, and that includes whether a helmet is required to use an electric scooter in public places.

In the US, some states require e-scooter users to wear helmets below a certain age, while other states have no law around helmet use at all. 

As of recently, states that require the use of a helmet with electric scooters include:

  • Connecticut (below age 16)
  • California (below age 18)
  • Delaware (below age 16)
  • Louisiana (below age 17)
  • Massachusetts (below age 18)
  • Michigan (below age 19)
  • Minnesota (below age 18)
  • North Dakota (below age 18)
  • Oklahoma (below age 18)
  • South Dakota (below age 18)

Generally speaking, the type of helmet to be worn with electric scooters is any helmet that meets bicycle safety standards, such as a bicycle helmet, e-bike helmet, full-face helmet, or motorcycle helmet.

E-Scooter Popularity By Country

Some countries are ahead in their support and inclusion of electronic scooters – including set laws and public scooter sharing systems – as well as the general popularity of electronic scooters as personal transport.

To date, these countries include – but are not limited to – Belgium, Spain, Germany, USA, Norway, Sweden, France, and Singapore.

The above countries have either clear laws around e-scooter use, fully operational scooter sharing systems in major cities, or both.

Ultimately, it is always best to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations for riding e-scooters before buying an e-scooter or riding one. This is to avoid e-scooter confiscation, fines, as well as the risk of causing a collision or accident.


In short, the average electric scooter cost in the US is $300. This is the average cost of an adult e-scooter. Cheap e-scooters can be priced as low as $250, while high-end electric scooters can be as much as $2000.

The electric scooter cost will be based on its build quality, battery life, design and functionality, brand name, as well as optional features such as better suspension and companion apps. It goes without saying that the more you spend, the better the overall quality will be.

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