How To Calibrate A Hoverboard

If your hoverboard isn’t staying upright (which will make it impossible to ride), it’s likely a problem with the gyroscope, which is the component of the hoverboard that sends the data from the wheel’s tilt sensors to the logic board.

How To Calibrate A Hoverboard

Luckily this problem can be easily fixed- all that’s involved is recalibrating the gyroscope. Once the data that the gyroscope is receiving has been corrected, your hoverboard should be back up(right) and running.

But how do you recalibrate, or reset, your hoverboard’s gyroscope? And when should you recalibrate, if not only when the board isn’t staying upright? For answers to both of these questions and more, read this guide on: How To Calibrate A Hoverboard

When Should You Recalibrate Your Hoverboard’s Gyroscope?

Before we look at How To Calibrate A Hoverboard, we will explain the reasons why!

The main reason you’ll be prompted to recalibrate your hoverboard is if it’s simply not staying upright, but it’s not the only reason.

You should also recalibrate the hoverboard if you feel like it’s generally uneven, if it turns one way slower than it turns the other way, and if there are red lights flashing on the board.

In most cases, recalibrating your hoverboard’s gyroscope will fix any issues, the steps of which you’ll find out shortly.

Depending on the age of your hoverboard, though, recalibrating the gyroscope might not be enough to solve the problem. If this is the case, you’ll probably need to replace your gyroscope.

The easiest way to find any replacement part for your hoverboard is via the official website of the company that manufactures it. You can usually find other parts this way too, like frames, wheels, chargers, bumpers, and shells- but if it’s a balance issue, the solution is likely a new gyroscope.

How To Recalibrate Your Hoverboard

Now that we have explored the reasons behind calibrating hoverboards, it is time to understand How To Calibrate A Hoverboard.

The process of recalibrating your hoverboard may vary depending on the manufacturer, but it’s usually as follows. If the steps we’re about to go through don’t seem to change anything, check the manual for your device (or, if you’ve misplaced it or never got one, look it up online).

To recalibrate the majority of hoverboards, you’ll first need to ensure that your hoverboard is resting on a level surface. If it’s not on flat ground, or if it’s upside down, the gyroscope will be calibrated incorrectly.

Turn your hoverboard off at the power button. It won’t be enough just to hit the sleep button- it needs to be completely off.

Next, press and hold the board’s power button for between five to ten seconds. You should eventually hear a beep, at which point you can let go of the button. Make sure you’re not moving the hoverboard while you’re in the middle of the calibration process.

At this point, LED lights on the hoverboard will start flashing, which means the calibration has begun. This process tends to take around half a minute. Again, make sure you’re not disturbing the device in any way, as it could interfere with the recalibration.

Once the 30 seconds are over, press the power button again to turn the hoverboard off. The process should now be complete. Next: testing.

How To Test Your Hoverboard’s Calibration

How To Test Your Hoverboard’s Calibration

Once you’ve calibrated your hoverboard, turn it back on. Get on the board and ride it around a little.

If it feels balanced, even, like it’s turning left just as quickly as it’s turning right, and if any other problems you’d previously picked up on appear to be gone, then your hoverboard has been recalibrated properly.

If you recalibrate your board a few times and you’re still having issues, you may have to find replacement parts on the company’s website.

How To Calibrate Your Hoverboard Via Its Mobile App

Some of the high end hoverboards will have built in Bluetooth, meaning you can pair them to your phone using a mobile application. It’s possible you’ll be able to recalibrate your hoverboard via this app.

This process tends to involve simply pressing the ‘calibrate’ button on the app, and then following the steps provided.

These steps will likely be similar to those involved in calibrating a regular hoverboard. Once you’ve completed these steps, wait around five seconds before restarting the hoverboard.

Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping?

As well as issues with the gyroscope, another common concern users have is regarding an inexplicable beeping sound. There’s usually a reason for this, though, rather than the device just being faulty.

It’s possible your hoverboard is designed to start beeping if you’re riding on an uneven surface. Riding uphill or downhill on your hoverboard could lead to injury, or damage to the device itself.

If you suspect that your hoverboard is beeping regardless of how even the surface is, it may very well be a gyroscope problem after all, in which case you should recalibrate your board.

Another reason some hoverboards start beeping is because they’re being ridden beyond their maximum speed. As well as beeping, it may also start to slow down on its own.

Riding a hoverboard at high speeds can be dangerous, especially if you’re in a crowded area or going down a hill. If the hoverboard flashes and beeps, it’s probably just low on battery.

Conclusion: How To Calibrate A Hoverboard

The main reasons you’ll need to recalibrate your hoverboard’s gyroscope is if it feels uneven, if it’s turning one way faster than the other way, or if it’s not staying upright.

All that’s required to recalibrate the gyroscope is to turn the device off, make sure it’s on a completely level surface, hold the power button down for five to ten seconds until the lights start to flash, wait half a minute, and then turn the hoverboard back on.

It’s possible your hoverboard will have a different calibration process, so be sure to check the board’s user manual if you’re unsure (and if you don’t have the user manual, you’ll likely be able to find it online).

If your board has built in Bluetooth, you’ll likely be able to recalibrate the board through a mobile app, in which case the exact steps will be provided in-app.

That’s it! Your complete guide on How To Calibrate A Hoverboard!

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