How To Make Electric Scooter Faster

Electric scooters can actually go pretty fast already – but there are of course some people who can never go fast enough! For those of you who are always craving more and more speed out of your scooter, there are likely a few things that you can try to help get the best speeds possible!

These are just starting points, and some of them are also just good general tips for maintaining your scooter – after all, you can’t expect to go fast if your scooter doesn’t go at all!

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If you’re looking for some cheap and easy ways to get the most speed out of your scooter, then these tips are perfect for you! Keep reading to learn how to make an electric scooter faster!

Charge Your Battery

First of all when looking at how to make an electric scooter faster, charge your battery! This is one of the most important factors in getting the best performance and the most speed out of your electric scooter.

If your battery isn’t fully charged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll compromise your speed in the short term – but as your battery starts to run out, you just won’t be able to get the same performance out of it.

This is because, the lower it gets, the less power it’ll be able to output! This voltage drop is especially prevalent on older lead-acid batteries.

And even if your scooter is able to maintain good power output even when the battery has less charge, you should still keep your battery charged as best you possibly can.

Scooters often enter a power-saving mode when the battery is running out, which will hamper performance – and, of course, means that you’re about to run out of power anyway.

With a charged battery, you’ll just get the best performance overall – and run less risk of a dead battery on a ride!

Turn Off Things You Don’t Need

As electrical power is the most important factor when it comes to the speed of your scooter, the best way to help out with that is to disable features that you don’t need. This includes Bluetooth, GPS, speakers – anything, in fact, that isn’t directly related to getting your bike moving.

These features are really useful; and nice to have – but if your only goal is speed, they should be disabled. Use only the features that are essential for getting your bike moving fast, and you’ll find that your battery lasts longer, and you get better performance overall.

You can of course disable lights too, as they can be a considerable drain on your battery, However, you have to make sure that it’s safe to do so – riding when it’s dark without lights is a stupid idea!

You probably don’t need your lights on all the time – in bright sunlight, they’re not going to do much but drain your battery faster.

But if you’re riding at night, keep them on – being able to see and be seen is far more important than any amount of speed, power, or battery life increase that you might get from turning them off at night.

Weight Costs Speed!

The motor on your electric scooter is probably pretty powerful, but it has its limits! The more weight that you pile on to it, the less speed you’ll have, as the motor will have to work harder to compensate for that weight. Therefore, the lighter load that you put on your scooter, the faster you can go!

This also means that heavier loads drain power more, as they need to use more electricity to move a higher load at the same speed. So, carrying as little as you need to is a really great and simple way to get the best out of your battery, and to keep your speed as high as possible!

Keep It Clean!

A dirty scooter might not seem like it’s going to cause any problems with your speed – after all, you’re hardly going to be going fast enough to worry about the aerodynamic effects of a bit of dirt on the frame!

However, think again – as if you get muddy wheels and don’t clean them properly, you could well end up with reduced performance from your electric scooter. It can be easy for dirt and debris to get lodged in various places on the bike – anything that sticks on to or near to the wheels will have a chance of slowing your bike down! Keep it clean and free of things that can slow you down.

Unlock Your Scooter

how to make electric scooter faster

If your scooter isn’t giving you the performance that you expect from it, you should always check to see that you’re not in a performance-restricted mode. This is the next essential factor with how to make electric scooters faster.

Many scooters will operate in a locked mode like this, with reduced performance. If your scooter is in one of these modes, then you won’t be able to get the highest speeds out of it. However, this isn’t a permanent problem – and it’s usually pretty simple to unlock the scooter!

Typically, this mode can be changed through an app. Simply download the app for your scooter onto your phone, sign in, and change the settings there. This should enable you to access the higher performance settings.

Second Battery?

Some scooters can accept a second battery! This can be a really good option, as it can enable your scooter to have more power, and longer running time! In fact, for some scooters, the use of a second battery isn’t even really an option, but more of a requirement!

Some people actually modify their scooters to accept second batteries too – so if your scooter only takes one, but you’re reasonably handy, then this is always an option that you can consider!

New Battery?

If you’ve had your scooter for a while – a number of years, say – or it has seen a lot of use, then you might notice reduced performance and lifetime from your battery. This, unfortunately, will only get worse and worse.

Batteries only have a limited life span – the longer they’re used, and the more often they’re cycled, the worse they get. Eventually, the only option is to replace them. Luckily, this isn’t often a difficult task – but it’s important to do it the right way for your particular scooter. If you’re unsure, find a professional to do the job for you.

Custom Firmware

If you’re looking to push things a little further when it comes to speed, then there are plenty of more advanced things you can do to your scooter – including replacing and upgrading parts, and making many little tweaks. First, however, on many people’s lists, should be considering installing a custom firmware.

If one is available for your scooter, it can unlock options that were unavailable to you with the factory firmware. This can really help you get a lot more out of your electric scooter – so should definitely be something you consider before you spend time and money on other methods.

Just make sure to do some research for your particular scooter first – and be aware that you’re doing this completely at your own risk, and you could definitely break things if you don’t learn how to do this right before even starting. Treat it as seriously as replacing any other part on your scooter.


There are of course many more things that you could do to your scooter to make it go faster – but these tips provide a great starting point! Follow them, and you’ll be moving quicker!

There you have it! A complete guide on how to make electric scooters faster!

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