How To Reset Hoverboard

A hoverboard or segway is a balance wheel that is commonly known as a small, portable balance wheel. It is important to note that these smart wheels need to be calibrated timely, unlike other equipment, so you must be aware of the guidelines that will assist you with how to reset a hoverboard.

It should be noted that the guidelines in this article can be applied to any hoverboard, but they are specifically applicable to the Rolab R1. There are a few very simple steps required to calibrate this equipment, and we have provided the following guidelines for your convenience.

How To Reset Hoverboard

The important thing to understand when looking at how to reset hoverboards is that the hoverboard can vary from one to another, but they work off the same principles of instruction when it comes to how they reset. In the case that you have been facing any problems with your hoverboard and you are not sure why they are happening, this guide will explain how to solve the problem.

Signs That Your Hoverboard Needs Resetting

Before we look at how to reset hoverboards, it is important to note that there are some clear signs you need to look out for if you believe that your hoverboard isn’t functioning properly. 

You should be aware of the following:

  • Shaking
  • Vibrating
  • Moving incorrectly

When you are experiencing any of the above mentioned issues, you can be sure that your hoverboard needs to be recalibrated in order to resolve the issue. If it proves to be sensitive to the left or right while steering, this is a sign that the calibration is incorrect. Most commonly, the calibration issue is an unevenness in the foot pads of the hoverboard that becomes apparent while a person is standing on it.

Instructions For Resetting Your Hoverboard

This section is going to provide a more detailed explanation of how to perform each step of the process involved in resetting your faulty hoverboard, with the hope of resolving your issue.

  • You should first make sure there is enough power in the hoverboard’s battery before calibrating it. For best results, this piece of equipment should be fully charged when being reset.
  • As soon as your hoverboard has been fully charged, you will be able to shut down the device with the help of a power button on the side of your hoverboard. A power button is found on every hoverboard so this shouldn’t be too hard to find.
  • Once you have leveled your hoverboard, you can press the silver power button until you hear the beep. As soon as you hear this beep, you have started the process of resetting your hoverboard.
  • As a result, the LED light on the front of your device will begin to flash. At this point, leave your hover-board in the same position for approximately 30 seconds. Once this is done, your hover-board will be reverted back to its original settings.
  • After 30 seconds, you should turn off your hover-board again by pressing the silver power button on the hoverboard. In order for your hoverboard to perform properly, this is the final step you have to take before it can be used.

What If My Hoverboard Is Still Not Working Properly?

Now, if even after a lot of these measures, your hoverboard still does not calibrate according to what you expect, you should go through the other tools present in your system in order to figure out the reason behind this issue. You may need to contact support if this issue is still occurring.

It is ideal if you can get in touch with the manufacturer, but this is sometimes difficult to find, as not all manufacturers have live support, so you might need to contact them by phone.

Safety Measures When Calibrating Your Hoverboard

During the process of calibrating the hoverboard, it is recommended that precautionary measures should be taken. The reasons behind these precautionary measures are simple but essential. As the owner, you are directly responsible for the safety of the hoverboard.

There may be some problems following the repairs that may arise in the machine. If this is the case you will be at a loss. It would be very difficult to solve this problem without having a lot of money and time to invest in this process. Once the problem is created, you will need a lot of time and finance to solve it.

Keep in mind to take all the necessary precautions when riding on the hoverboard. If you run on the road without taking all the necessary precautions, then you may encounter problems. There could be several reasons behind these problems. An example is that you may find that your battery doesn’t work adequately.

There may be situations in which the hoverboard may stop in the middle of the journey due to a malfunction of the battery. This can occur due to the sudden draining of the battery.

Secondly, the battery indicator lights might not be working because you have attached some wires in the incorrect way, and the level of the battery is not being correctly displayed during this period.

The reason why it is critical to thoroughly inspect the hoverboard before taking a ride on it is due to the safety concerns.

Ultimately, this is the reason why it is important to use the calibration method before you attempt to interfere with any of the wires and the batteries inside your hoverboard. This method stops you from putting yourself at risk and is the simplest way to fix your hoverboard.

In the event that this does not work, you will have to contact the manufacturer as they will know how to fix it better than you would.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the Reset Button On My Hoverboard?

There will be a reset or power button on most hoverboards and this can be found either on the top of the product, on the side, or even underneath the product. It is important to find this in order for you to reset your hoverboard successfully. In the event that you cannot locate it, you should contact support.

Why Won’t My Hoverboard Work?

In the event that your hoverboard is not turning on, there are several things that you can try. It means that the inner circuitry of the charger box is damaged if you are not able to see a green light on the box.

A flashlight that is orange in color, for example, may have a defective battery that needs to be replaced. Be sure to charge your battery of your device before you send it off for repair.

Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping?

You’ll hear a beep if your battery is low, and the board will start slowing down to warn you. When the battery of the hoverboard has reached an extremely low level, the red light on the board will start blinking.

The best thing you can do for your hoverboard is to charge it as soon as possible and ideally to stop using it until it is fully charged again in order to keep it safe.

Are Hoverboards Worth It?

Despite the iconic scene in Back to the Future II, hoverboards do not actually hover. Instead, they are equipped with highly sensitive gyroscopes and sensors that convert minute body movements into momentum and thrust. There is no question that they are not hovering, but it is a lot of fun to watch them and use them.

They are definitely worth it if you are looking to travel around as quickly and comfortably as possible in the most enjoyable way possible.

Why Do Some Hoverboards Cost More Than Others?

In regard to the more expensive hoverboards, it is important to remember that the better materials that are employed in them will make them function better and afford you with a greater level of reliability.

Hoverboards with cheap batteries have a tendency to combust or explode as they have low-quality lithium-ion batteries. They tend to have lower quality interior components as well, which will need to be replaced after some time too, as opposed to more expensive ones.

You will find these cheap ones will not offer any kind of warranty service and have faulty chargers that overheat easily. Generally speaking, if you want a safe and reliable hoverboard, you will have to pay a little bit more.


The guide has explained all the things you need to watch out for while riding your hoverboard, since these could be indications that the hoverboard is faulty and needs to be calibrated again.

We have explained to you how to reset hoverboards, and you should now be able to do this on your own if you follow the instructions provided to you. Ensure you consider all the safety precautions before you go into further detail in fixing your hoverboard as you might further damage it.

Also, make sure that you are sensible while riding your hoverboard because you might be one of the reasons for the trouble experienced.

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