Thousand Helmets Review

When it comes to helmets, the market has long been dominated by traditionally “ugly” looking headgear.

We all know someone who refuses to wear a helmet for this reason. Despite the fact that there are many cyclists killed in the U.S. every year, looking good whilst riding a bike can trump safety.

Generally speaking, the benefits of wearing a helmet are a non-starter. Whilst they may mess up your freshly styled hair (if you have hair, that is), this is much better than having a serious head injury.

The problem up until now is that helmets have been an afterthought because most of them are oddly shaped, multi-angled, vent covered monstrosities.

Thousand Helmets came along with the aim of changing this, for good.

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at Thousand Helmets, their history, safety, features, and what we think of their helmets. If you’re looking for a new helmet, or just simply interested in the Thousand Helmet brand, read on and see what we think!

History Of Thousand Helmets


Thousand Helmets

As mentioned above, not wearing a helmet when you’re out on a cycle can have serious consequences and end in tragedy. The story behind Thousand Helmets starts with one such tragedy.

One of the founding creators of the Thousand Helmets brand, Gloria Hwang, lost a close friend in a cycling accident. This loss inspired Gloria, along with her friends, to start making helmets that didn’t sacrifice a great aesthetic for functionality.

The main reason behind this is very simple, to encourage people to wear a helmet. The name of the company, Thousand, is a goal and a mission: to help save a 1000 lives by making helmets people will want to be seen in.

First funded through a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, Thousand Helmets have gone from strength to strength. The campaign received an impressive $229,000, an amount that massively exceeded their modest original goal of $20,000. 

The Two Types Of Thousand Helmets

As you can probably tell from the title of this section, there are two variations of Thousand Helmets. Both of these variations are designed with a specific demographic in mind.

Thousand Heritage Helmet

The Heritage helmet is designed with the urban cyclist and skater in mind. They’re the first entry in the collection and were inspired by vintage moto lids.

Heritage helmets are notably cheaper than their Chapter counterparts, and as such are a more basic model. Don’t let this statement fool you, the Heritage Helmet is still packed with features (more on this below).

Heritage helmets are currently available in 12 stunning colors.

This helmet is perfect for those riders who make their commute on a bike, and need a helmet that is packed with safety features but also looks appealing.

Thousand Chapter Helmets

The second entry in the Thousand Helmets brand. Chapter helmets are a more advanced and expensive model.

They feature Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology designed to protect your head from a rotational impact.

Chapter Helmets feature improved ventilation and design. They’re also suitable for night riding as they have a 30-lumen magnetic tail light which makes the wearer more visible.

Unlike the Heritage line, Chapter helmets are available in 3 colors.

Are Thousand Helmets Safe?

The short answer to this question is, yes, Thousand Helmets are safe. Both version of Thousand Helmets actually managed to exceed CPSC and CE safety standards. In simple terms, passing these standards marks them as safe in the US for cyclists and skaters.

All Thousand helmets also meet EN 1078 Standards. This standard ensures that the helmet can be worn by pedal cyclists along with skateboarders and skates.

Achieving this standard isn’t easy, as there are several tests the helmet must pass including field of vision, fastening devices, and shock absorption.

Thousand Helmets Review

Thousand Helmets Features And Specs (Heritage)

Owing to the story behind Thousand Helmets, safety, aesthetic, and functionality are all seamlessly woven together in every helmet.

In this part of our review, we’ll be breaking down some stand out features and specs of the Heritage Thousand Helmets helmet.

Secret Pop Lock

Instead of having to cart your helmet around once you’ve arrived at your destination, Thousand Helmets designed a secret pop lock.

Hidden behind the THSD logo, all you have to do is access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, pop a U-Lock or chain lock through the hole and securely leave your helmet with your bike.

Thousand Helmets are so confident that this secret pop lock is secure, it’s backed by their Anti-Left Guarantee.

Dial Fit System

We loved this feature by a country mile.

The dial fit system allows you to adjust the tightness of your helmet with just the turn of a dial.

Being a very user-friendly feature, it’s simple to adjust the helmet to the correct fit, meaning you can rest assured knowing that the helmet is secure and comfortable.

Magnetic Buckle

The German engineered magnetic buckle on every Thousand Helmets helmet is guaranteed to leave your fingers pinch free. The buckle can be done and undone with one hand, too.


There are a total of seven air vents and three cooling channels in every Heritage helmet. All of which are designed to not look like something out of a sci-fi film.

Leather Straps

Thousand Helmets gorgeous looking leather straps are made to keep you comfortable and sweat free. They’re made from vegan microfiber leather, keeping the planet and animals in mind.


  • Certified for both cycling and skateboarding, CE EN 1078
  • 7 Vents for cooling and internal channeling of airflow
  • Low-profile visor
  • Lightweight (S) 410g (M) 46g (L) 490g

Thousand Helmets Features And Specs (Chapter)

Chapter Helmets were designed with the serious commuter in mind. They share a few features with the Heritage line, such as the Secret Pop Lock. We’ll now focus on the features of the Chapter line.


Sitting just on top of the front of the helmet, the visor on the Chapter helmet is designed to reduce glare and, in turn, increase the wearer’s field of vision.

Magnetic Light

Included with each Chapter helmet is a 30 lumen tail light. This can be attached to the helmet or to a multi-use adapter.

Active Ventilation

Whilst the Heritage line has seven well-placed vents, the Chapter line has an additional vent. The eight vents on the Chapter model are designed to actively capture airflow and push this airflow through the interior cooling channels.


  • 30 lumen taillight with 1hr runtime solid light and 2 hrs flashing
  • Lightweight at (S) 360g (M) 370g (L) 410g
  • 8 vents with internal channeling of airflow
  • CE and CPSC certified for cycling

Pros And Cons Of Thousand Helmets


  • The ethics of Thousand Helmets is, frankly, exceptional. They offset 110% carbon emissions, they offer free accident replacement. They’re also a PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) meaning they hold themselves accountable to their values, community, and planet.

  • Fashionable helmets which doesn’t compromise on function. Having multiple safety certifications is no small feat. Coupled with the fact that these helmets look and feel simply beautiful.


This isn’t really a con of a specific feature of a Thousand Helmet, we feel it’s more of a general point of improvement. The one thing we’d like to see is an improved variety of sizing options. This is mainly so that children can wear these helmets.

Again, this is arguably not a con of either model of Thousand Helmet. Whilst the Secret Pop Lock is a fantastic feature, it cannot be used with locks bigger than 27 mm.

Thousand Helmets: Our Verdict

Everything that Thousand Helmets does is predicated on preventing the tragic loss of life due to cycling related accidents.

There aren’t that many downsides to a Thousand Helmets helmet. They don’t necessarily tick all the boxes if you’re looking for a mountain or road bike helmet, they’re arguably not designed for or targeted towards these types of riders.

Thousand Helmets are definitely paving the way for fashionable helmets which don’t compromise on safety features. The hope is that more people will take up wearing a helmet when they’re out for a ride.

Thousand Helmets are available to purchase from many leading retailers. They can also be purchase directly from the company here.

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