Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping?

Hoverboards first came to prominence around 2013/2014. They were seen as nifty little inventions that could get you from A to B without having to actually walk anywhere. You would just have to lean forward with your feet pressing down and before you knew it, you were moving. They are a little bit dangerous if you do not know how to control them but, once you get used to them and the way that your weight works with them they are pretty easy to control. They are often used by teenagers and children as a fun little activity. In this article, we are going to look at “why is my hoverboard beeping?”

Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping

One issue that you may find with a Hoverboard is that it may be beeping more than you would like. There’s not actually one single reason as to why a Hoverboard is beeping and it could be one of a number of things.

If you are unsure what is actually causing the beep then it can be a little scary. Though you have fortunately found yourself in the right place.

Luckily for you we’ve gathered all of the information on what could be causing the beep and what you can do to actually fix that. Normally it won’t be a major issue and will be very easy to sort out.

It shouldn’t take a lot of time to fix the problem either so if it being time consuming is a worry of yours then you can rest assured that this won’t be the case. So let’s get started.

Uneven Surfaces

When riding on a flat surface you shouldn’t really notice any type of beep. A beep however will start to appear when you are rolling along an uneven surface. Not just any uneven surface though, it will start to beep when the surface you are riding along is more than 15 degrees.

The reason for this is because this can massively impact your balance which is a major part of how you ride the Hoverboard. If you are unbalanced on the Hoverboard then your chances of an accident increase drastically.

If this is where you notice the beeping coming from then your best solution to avoid an injury while riding the hoverboard is to get off of it and walk it to a flatter location.

If the beeping still doesn’t stop when you are on a flatter surface then the Hoverboard will have another issue which you will need to try and fix. Though it’s especially important to not ride the Hoverboard on sloped locations as stated it really can be quite dangerous.

To conclude, uneven surfaces could be the answer to “why is my hoverboard beeping?”

Fast Speed

Fast Speed

While travelling at a faster speed than your Hoverboard is accustomed to then you will notice that it will begin to beep. This again is for your safety.

Riding a Hoverboard at a speed that it is not comfortable travelling at is dangerous for you and for those around you as you most likely will not have full control over the Hoverboard.

If you feel like this is what is causing the Hoverboard to beep then it is within your best interest and the best interest of those around you to slow down. You can do this by pushing down with your heel which will slow the device down making it easier for you to control.

As stated above control is one of the most important things to have when you are riding a Hoverboard so it is important that you remain in control of it at all times while you are riding it.

If the beep stops when you have slowed down and are travelling at its recommended max speed then you have fixed the issue.

Therefore, fast speed could be the answer to “why is my hoverboard beeping?”

Battery Low

If the battery of the Hoverboard is low then it will begin to beep and flash. If this is the case then you should get off of it and charge it back up until you are able to ride it without the device making a beeping noise.

The light will flash red if the battery is almost dead and at that point it is best to charge it immediately. This will stop the beeping noise and will be much safer for you to ride.

If you are continuing to ride it when the battery is low then it will probably cut out on you in the middle of you riding it which can be dangerous to you as it may cut out while you are travelling at a fast pace.

If it cuts out while you are riding it then it could cause you to have an accident and even an injury to yourself. As stated if this is the case and your Hoverboard needs to be charged then it is important that you get off of it and charge it as quickly as possible. This will ensure that it is more safe for you to ride.

Thus, low battery could be the answer to “why is my hoverboard beeping?”

In Conclusion

Hoverboards can be incredibly fun to ride and can make your journey somewhere much easier and a little more fun too. That being said they can be quite dangerous if you are not in full control of the Hoverboard.

Controlling the device is quite easy when you get the hang of it. That being said, when the device begins to beep it can be quite alarming, especially when you don’t exactly know what is causing the device to make that beeping noise. At first you may think it is nothing but they really won’t beep for no reason.

A few of the reasons that the Hoverboard can beep may be that you are trolling along an uneven surface. If the Hoverboard feels that the surface is uneven then it will beep as a warning to you, you should then get off and take it to a flatter surface to avoid an accident.

The Hoverboard will also beep when you are travelling at a speed that it isn’t comfortable with in which case, slow down. Another reason could be that the battery is low. It will beep and flash if this is the case.

To conclude, there are a multitude of answers to “why is my hoverboard beeping?” and hopefully this guide helps.

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